Warm up for Winter with Us

Keep moving with 4 weeks for only $54.*

What you'll experience?

  • A hyper-personalised strength and conditioning program.
  • Delicious recipe library with simple, nutritional and quick recipes.
  • A personal training service without the price tag.
  • Unlimited membership, including Fitstop sessions 6 days a week!
  • To be a part of the strongest, most supportive community around.

*Offer available for participating Fitstop's in New Zealand only.

Keep moving with 4 weeks of Fitstop for only $54.*

This winter, defy the cold and keep your body moving with Fitstop's incredible 4 for $54 intro offer. We believe there's no better time to kick-start your fitness journey and discover what you're truly capable of. By seizing this opportunity, you'll enjoy two weeks of transformative workouts that are precisely tailored to suit your strength, aspirations, and busy schedule.

Unleash your potential, embrace the winter challenge, and find out why Fitstop is the ultimate companion for your active lifestyle.