Unstoppable Six (6) Weeks for $299

Terms & Conditions

  1. Fitstop Australia PTY LTD, ABN 64 167 897 387, (“the Promoter”) is conducting the promotion in each Fitstop Open Location in QUEENSLAND, NEW SOUTH WALES, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, TASMANIA, VICTORIA and NEW ZEALAND from 4am on April 10 2023 until 11.59pm on June 24 2023 AEST ("Promotional Period").

  2. The Unstoppable Series (“the promotion”) is available to individuals who are currently not a Fitstop member and who sign up during the Promotional Period, including individuals who were previously members but cancelled their membership before the Promotional Period began.

  3. The promotion is comprised of the following price point and access option and is offered at any Fitstop Open Location in the areas mentioned in point 1 above:
    a. Six (6) weeks for $299 for all new joiners during the Promotional Period
    b. Individuals may access their selected Fitstop location for sessions during the following specific six week period: from 12:00am AEDT April 102023 until 11.59pm AEDT June 24 2023.

  4. The location access will become live from the day the Unstoppable Series begins (i.e. May 15, 2023) until the series ends on June 24.

  5. This promotion is non-refundable.

  6. The individual will not be able to transfer or pause their location access.

  7. An individual can choose to cancel their location access before the end of the six week period (i.e. before 11:59pm AEDT June 24 2023), by cancelling through the Fitstop App. The cancellation will be processed immediately, with no notice period required. Once the cancellation has occurred, the individual will not be able to book any further Fitstop sessions using their Unstoppable Series access - i.e. the individual will forfeit any and all remaining days of the six week period. If an individual chooses to cancel before the six week period ends, no refunds will be provided.

  8. If the individual decides they want to continue to access their selected Fitstop location after the promotion has ended as a member, they will be required to purchase a standard Fitstop membership through the Fitstop App. This will be available for purchase after the promotion has ended. The price of the standard ongoing membership will be the standard membership cost of that particular location.

  9. The promotion only applies to individuals who are not existing Fitstop members and cannot be run in conjunction with any other offer, discount code, or existing membership, including any corporate discounts. Existing members, or an existing member who cancels their membership during the Promotional Period are not eligible to purchase the promotion.

  10. The individual will be required to complete a waiver prior to their first training session at Fitstop.

  11. The standard Fitstop Training Waiver applies to this promotion and can be viewed on the Fitstop website at https://www.fitstop.com/training-waiver . As per standard Fitstop policy, the minimum age for a person to join or train at a Fitstop location is 16 years of age, and any individual under the age of 18 must have their parent or guardian sign the waiver contained in the Fitstop App at the time of joining.

  12. By participating in this Promotion, (unless the participant has specified otherwise) each participant consents to the personal information they submit being used for the primary purposes of: administering this Promotion, passing on information to related entities and to be entered into a database for future promotional, marketing and publicity activities of the Promoter or its related entities. An entrant may request access to their personal information by contacting Fitstop Australia via email at support@fitstop.com