5 Reasons We Don’t Believe in Challenges!

5 Reasons We Don’t Believe in Challenges!

At Fitstop, we live for our Unstoppable Series. We love it. We thrive during it. We progress our performance. We have direction in our training post Series. Really, the Unstoppable Series is the centre point of your entire Fitstop experience! 

Wait, but what is a Series, and why is this not a challenge? We’re so glad you asked. We’re pretty proud of what we’re doing and going against the grain of the fitness industry; the Unstoppable Series is a completely inclusive 6-week program that every single Fitstopper completes four times a year, and is integral to get the most out of your experience with us! 

So, let’s run through exactly why we have a Series over a Challenge, and what this means for your performance, training and life as a Fitstopper! 

1. We’re in for the long-haul

That’s right, it’s about time we think about our training in a long-term lens,  as we’ve been taught for so long to smash a Challenge, give it your all, get quick results, and then what? You fall right back because these Challenges are often not sustainable, and it’s very rare for someone to pay and complete each Challenge all year round! 

The Unstoppable Series aims to single handedly shape this type of thinking. By completing four series a year (providing the opportunity to progress your performance and create positive habits each time), your fitness journey will change from being a quick fix to a long-term priority, which means being a Fitstopper for life.

Long term results over time = a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle, where health and fitness is integrated. 

2. We live for the pre-season, too 

The Unstoppable Series has a duration of 6 weeks, but our ‘pre-season’, also know as the time between each Series, is just as important for your progression. 

We encourage you to reflect, reset, keep up your training, complete mini end of session challenges with your community. Then, it’s time to rebuild for the next BASE week, representing the first week of the Unstoppable Series program. 

Basically, you get to take the learnings and habits from the previous Series into the next Series and focus on a new goal and building on those habits. It’s no longer about rocking up and doing the same thing day in and day out; we’ve gotten serious about our programming so you can, too. 

3. Long-term member? We got you. 

Being a Fitstopper means you’re always progressing. Whether you’ve been with us for 5 years or 1 month, you should still be able to progress in a way relative to you. 

This is made possible through your dedication and willingness to stop at nothing and keep showing up. It’s also made possible from our program that is continually evolving, improving and customisable for different levels of fitness and experience. The Unstoppable Series is always going to be that extra push to your progression that will keep you in check all year round! 

4. The program; no two people are the same! 

We totally understand every Fitstopper is so different; with different goals, reasons for training and, well, a different ‘why’. 

We all have long-term goals, but the beauty of the Unstoppable Series is that you can select a program that will help you achieve your goals for each series that work towards the big picture.

  • The LIFESTYLE program is achievable for everyone and is an excellent starting point if you are new to training or have a pretty busy 6 weeks but still want that extra kick. Follow the same training program, nail the basics of living the Fitstop lifestyle and build life-long habits.
  • The ULTIMATE program  is there for people who might be in the right headspace to get really committed to their training and health and want to challenge themselves. This means more achievements, more tasks, extra training!

See! The Unstoppable Series is here to work for you, not against you! 

5. Game day, with your community 

Game Day; the highlight of every Series Round! 

Falling at the end of each round; Game Day is your ticket to finishing the Unstoppable Series and celebrate with your community! Get as competitive as your heart desires and push your limits or use Game Day as a way to celebrate your progress over the 6-weeks, connect with your fellow Fitstoppers and have a whole lot of fun! 

This is your day to put all of your hard work to the test with the support of your community. The programming  across the year differs slightly to get you ready for different elements of Game Day and prepare your mind + body; we’ve got it all sorted!  

With a spicy, fun-filled 12 minute session; we guarantee, you won’t see or feel anything like it! 

Unstoppable Series // Let’s Go! 

Of course, if you have any further questions on why Fitstop released the Unstoppable Series instead of sticking to the Challenge, reach out to your Fitstop location or follow fitstopfitness for the run down.  

If you’ve made it this far, it’s time to opt-in to the Unstoppable Series by hitting the // tab in the Fitstop App. Not quite Series time yet? Not to worry! Follow your nearest Fitstop location’s socials and again, fitstopfitness , to see the next Unstoppable Series and when you can get ahead and opt-in; just quietly, WE CAN’T WAIT!