Fitstop Earns Top Spot Amongst Best Franchises

Fitstop Earns Top Spot Amongst Best Franchises

We’re incredibly honoured to announce that we’ve been recognised as a top-performing franchise once again in 2023 as we outperform Industry benchmarks. This recognition comes as a result of our unwavering commitment to provide a rewarding franchisee experience with genuine support to create a thriving network.

2023 has already been a huge year for us with growing our Australian and New Zealand markets whilst expanding to Singapore and the USA! Through this steady expansion, we’ve remained focused on building a global brand and creating technology, systems and support that live up to this standard - and our network results have solidified Fitstop’s position as a preferred franchise opportunity.

Working with specialists in the psychology of the franchise relationship, we’re proud to share these results with you. It’s one thing to receive these results, but we’re here to talk you through how we achieved them.

Exceeding Benchmarks

We are proud to have achieved exceptional scores that surpass industry benchmarks, placing Fitstop among the best franchise opportunities available. In particular, Fitstop far exceeded industry benchmarks in Leadership, Connection, Partnership, and Support, with Leadership and Support remaining significantly higher.

Fitstop’s Net Promoter Score, showcasing our franchisees likelihood to recommend this Fitstop opportunity to their friends and families, has outperformed the benchmark by a whopping 17 points higher, highlighting the strong support and passion within the Fitstop franchise network.

Strong Support and Network Relationships

At Fitstop, we place great emphasis on fostering strong support and positive relationships within our franchise network. Our franchisees benefit from a community built on robust leadership, connection and partnership.

We’ve heavily invested in our in-person and online offerings to support our franchisees across the world. We introduced a five-tier performance-based support system to more effectively support our owners and their current journeys, whilst providing multiple opportunities to network through local events and our annual Summit that welcomes over 650 across the network.

Additionally, we launched the Fitstop Academy, an e-learning platform designed to anchor learning for franchisees and their entire teams, recognizing the importance of each team member in the success of their location.

Emphasis on Ongoing Training

Continuous growth and development are at the heart of our franchise model. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and ongoing training to our franchisees. Business owners' satisfaction in the area of Ongoing Training has increased by 14% since 2022 and remains higher than the benchmark.

The significant increase in franchisee satisfaction with our training programs demonstrates our commitment to equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for sustained success.

Our high-touch point support coincides with frequent training to ensure franchisees have the tools to execute growth in their business. We’ve introduced bi-monthly inductions for business owners in their pre-open journey, visits from regional Member Experience Specialists and Trainer Upskilling sessions to motivate, engage and educate our trainers who are at the forefront of our business.

Positive Sentiment and Community Engagement

Our franchisees' confidence in the Fitstop brand, product strategy, and their appreciation for the support received from Fitstop HQ and their fellow franchisees are the pillars that strengthen our franchise network. The care and effort our owners place in their local communities is mirrored in the Fitstop franchise network and is something that makes us extremely proud as what we learn, we teach - this is what grows our positive impact.

ACE Mindset Index: A Measure of Franchisee Satisfaction

The ACE Mindset Index, a measure of franchisee satisfaction, has shown that our franchisees consistently endorse and remain loyal to the Fitstop franchise. Fitstop has achieved 5 scores above the sector benchmark for ACE Mindset which is huge! Surpassing industry benchmarks across all dimensions is a testament to the strong bonds we have formed with our franchisees and their belief in our shared vision.

We’re ready for FY24!

We’re about making marginal gains, always . We’re so proud of the results we achieved for 2023 surrounding our strong support system, emphasis on training, positive sentiment and the overall passion and commitment of our franchisees who drive our vision every day. We can’t wait to refine our offerings and improve in 2024!