The Unstoppable Series 101 - Round 1 Edition

The Unstoppable Series 101 - Round 1 Edition

Welcome to the Unstoppable Series Round 1 🔥.

This blog has everything you need to know to get you through the Series. We encourage you to review the weekly focuses whenever you get to a new week to remain focused, informed and ready to stop at nothing to get the results you want!

Let’s start from the top, what is the Unstoppable Series and why will it benefit you?

The Unstoppable Series is a part of every Fitstopper's journey (included in the membership), and falls at week 6 of our 12 Week Program. This point of the program marks 6 weeks out from Game Day and testing, so it means it's time to ramp things up and embrace all things performance and community!

Throughout the 6 Week Unstoppable Series, you can expect some extra challenges and process-based tasks for you to complete, all related to one of the 4 pillars of human performance: Training, Nutrition, Recovery and Mindset.

We're here to make you UNSTOPPABLE, so let's go!

Week 1

Week 1 is where the magic happens. Your first step is to set some goals that mean something to you! Our goal is to help you achieve whatever you put your mind to, and to see you progress towards a healthier, happier you!

Think about your PERFORMANCE based goals! We highly encourage performance-based goals so you can celebrate what your body can do rather than what it looks like! Pick a couple of movements in the gym to really focus on and get goal-setting! Some ideas are to complete 10 push ups on your toes, complete a box jump on a higher level, recover from sessions in a shorter time or lift the same weight for more reps.

Week 1 Focus:

Working through higher rep ranges, we are focusing on repetitive movements to reinforce correct movement patterns. This is so we can build from the correct foundations as we start building towards our 3RM testing + Game Day. Remember to push hard in our PERFORM intervals to get your Game Day prep in. Hold quality whilst under fatigue and focus on maintaining intensity across intervals.

Week 2

Your focus for this week is to keep it simple and build your routine. Aim to hit 3-4 sessions, drink lots of water and focus on preparation - e.g. doing a big grocery shop so you’re ready for the week, booking in your session early, etc.

Week 2 Focus:

This week we are changing the stimulus of our main lifts, which will help your body build strength and improve range of motion across slightly different movements. Our goal is to ensure you don't plateau with your lifting and are constantly focusing on how to perform each movement 1% better. This week you will see DB Bench Press, Front Squats and heavy Barbell RDL's with a new complex feature in Thursday PERFORM.

Week 3

This week is not one to miss! We have some crowd-favourite sessions and lots of lifting opportunities! Reminder: CONSISTENCY BEATS INTENSITY. Aim to hit 3-4 sessions this week to keep your habits going!

Week 3 Focus:

This week we are hitting similar main lifts to last week, however looking to increase weight whilst maintaining perfect form. We have 2 tracking opportunities this week with our FITSTOP FIFTIES - a crowd favourite session based on moving with quality and completing the workout as quickly as you can, and FINDING A HEAVY 3 REP HANG POWER CLEAN. The condition session will challenge your endurance and ability to maintain a high intensity, whilst the hang power clean is a test of skill, strength & power. We have been working up in complexity over the past 8 weeks to enable you the best opportunity to get a PB!

Week 4


This week we start the home stretch towards 3RM testing and Game Day! We now start preparing the body to lift nice and heavy with an increase in load. Remember one of your achievements is to try a new snack, so don’t forget to check out our In-App recipe library for inspiration!

Week 4 Focus:

This week we are working to a heavy set of 5 for our 3 main lifts: Bench Press, Back Squat & Deadlift. Don't forget, as the load increases, to keep full range of motion as your number 1 priority by controlling the tempo and setting the tone in your warm up sets. At your top sets this week, you should feel like you have 0-1 Reps In Reserve so it's important to have an idea around what your warm up set weight needs to look like. Record your heaviest 5 so you can refer back to it in a few weeks time and have an idea around what your 3RM's might look like!



Week 5


This week we ask you to look after YOU. Try to avoid alcohol and aim to get some meditation done. As we start lifting heavier and narrowing our focus even more, it’s important to put yourself and your mindset first!

Week 5 Focus:

This week we have our first 3RM day! Remember safety is key, so it's important to team up with your training buddies, help each other change weights, watch each other's lifts and celebrate those wins! You should have a good idea around where your 3RM will be from last week's heavy sets of 5, so keep in mind your warm up sets should start at about 50% of your estimated 3RM so your body is prepared and ready to lift.

Session Overview:







Week 6


This week is such an exciting time for all Fitstoppers! Your 1 task for this week is to rally your Game Day buddies and get ready for a huge weekend! Your Game Day prep includes:

  1. Matching kit with your mates

  2. Fuel ready to go

  3. Apple watch charged and ready

  4. Lots of sleep

  5. Lots of hydration

Week 6 Focus:

Top tips:

Remember we do have 3RM testing this week AND Game Day. Although the load will be heavy, the volume will be low so you will still feel great for Saturday. Similarly to last week, make sure you know an estimated 3RM and start your warm up at about 50% of that to ensure you don't run out of time. Prioritise hydration and sleep this week and get pumped!! LET'S GOOOO!

Session Overview:








The Unstoppable Series is here to work for you, for your lifestyle and to unleash your inner-athlete like never before. Every Unstoppable Series we get more and more proud of our Fitstoppers; we can’t wait to see where this one takes you!

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