Why We Do the Unstoppable Series

Why We Do the Unstoppable Series

When we say you’re in for a treat, we mean it…

We know it can be hard to stay focused on your goals all year round. No matter how experienced you are, there are always times to bring your focus to your training, mindset, nutrition and recovery so you can follow a process towards achieving a goal. That’s because an important value at Fitstop is that we always progress towards our own personal goals.

So, the Unstoppable Series is our opportunity as Fitstoppers to reset our goals, commit to new habits and tailor the Fitstop program to help you achieve YOUR goals. It’s your chance to elevate your performance, improve your lifestyle and do it all surrounded by your amazing Fitstop community!

When we focus on performance, accountability and progression, we become UNSTOPPABLE, and here’s why:


  1. Weekly education to support your goals and training

  2. Expert trainers to guide you and keep you focused

  3. Performance-tracking via the Fitstop App

  4. A supportive, team environment with a like-minded community

  5. Weekly tasks (achievements) to help support you along your journey and build better habits

  6. Evidence-lead programming that can be tailored to suit your health and fitness goals

  7. Access to a recipe library to fuel your performance and provide inspiration


We’ve got the long game in mind: We’re now training in distinct 12 weeks blocks! This means you’ll be testing your 3RM towards the end of every 12-week cycle (the final weeks of the Unstoppable Series). Why? We’re getting serious about sustainable progression so you can too. We’re also looking at 5RM, 10RMs and perfecting movements that matter to a Fitstopper (you can check our blog out for more).

Perfect your skills: We’ll help you perfect your main lifts, and develop skills in new (exciting lifts) so you can be stronger than ever! You can also record some main lifts in the Fitstop App so you can actually track your performance and see your milestones.

Getting your GAME DAY ready like never before: Game Day is what we train for at Fitstop; it’s the perfect opportunity to PLAY or COMPETE with your community and see where your performance is at. Game Day will be a four-part series across the year. Although they will always be a hybrid session, each one will have a slightly different bias; strength, metabolic conditioning or endurance. So, over each Unstoppable Series, we’ve adapted our sessions to make sure you’re well and truly Game Day ready!


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