4 Tips to Staying Motivated

4 Tips to Staying Motivated

4 Tips to Staying Motivated

You are now well and truly into the challenge - congratulations! The choice is yours to consider this week as your opportunity to realign your goals and continue pushing for those results. If you need guidance or motivation on finishing the Challenge strong, then here are four tips that will help you stay focused. 

1. Work on your mindset

We get it - the Challenge can be hard and the last couple of weeks may not have flown by easily. Whether this applies to you or if you’ve felt super positive about the last couple of weeks, now is the time to adjust your mindset and strive for more. 

Having a positive mindset is essential as it will help increase your motivation in each session. An easy way to improve mindset is to find ways to make each part of the Challenge more enjoyable. For example, as it’s Week 3, an increase in performance is expected, so if you know you have a tough session coming up, why not get coffee with other Challengers afterwards to celebrate? 

Whilst the Challenge is designed to be tough, it should also be rewarding so shifting your mindset to be more positive is essential as positivity = motivation = results! 

2. Stick to the programming 

Week 3 marks Performance Week; reps and weights will continue to increase whilst focusing on technique - to achieve your desired level of performance, consistency is key. Keep sticking to the Fitstop Formula to ensure you stay on track and have results that motivate you. 

If you feel stuck in a monotonous routine with a mixture of work, commitments and attending the same Fitstop sessions, we recommend switching it up! Maybe you will perform better in the evening after resting in the morning or vice versa. Simple changes to your programming can make a world of difference for motivation. 

3. Focus on nutrition 

A really simple approach to the nutrition aspect of the Challenge is to aim for the 80/20 rule - eat 80% wholesome, nutrient-dense foods and allow 20% for treats and a more relaxed style of eating - such as our Sunday Night Creations! We want you to feel encouraged and supported in the Challenge; we recognise that things happen and life gets in the way, so if you do treat yourself, that is perfectly fine as the Challenge has been designed to progress performance in light of this. 

4. Find ways to increase accountability 

We said it in week 1 and we’re saying it now - check in with your strong community of Fitstop Challengers! Everyone is going through some form of transformation, so why not support them and in turn they will support you by keeping you accountable. It’s also important to check in with your trainers to receive feedback on your Challenge progress and create an action plan to finish as strong as possible. 

Let’s tackle the next 3 weeks of the Challenge! 

With these motivation tips, you are sure to succeed and reach your goals. Once your motivation has been reignited, it’s important to utilise the App's capabilities and reflect on your ideal results to ensure every action from now on will get you there. 

Keep it up, Challengers!