5 Reasons to Buy a Fitness Franchise in 2023

5 Reasons to Buy a Fitness Franchise in 2023

‍Fitness is no longer an expense consumers have to pay, but instead, fitness and wellness are perceived as a critical investment to help people become their best selves. 

When you add functional group fitness into the mix with consumer trends, 2023 really is shaping up to be a huge year for growth, which is definitely the case for Fitstop. Now more than ever, people are gravitating towards connection and establishing a strong routine, and group fitness goes above and beyond to satisfy these needs and wants. 

Really, there are no excuses anymore - 2023 is the year where people are prioritising themselves. 

Here’s our top 5 reasons why a fitness franchises can be a great investment opportunity in 2023

1. Fitness is a growing industry

The fitness industry is consistently growing, with more and more people seeking ways to improve their health and well-being. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years, making fitness franchises a potentially lucrative investment. 

Couple the growing industry with group fitness, we’re seeing that people don’t want anything too hard. They want to come in and do the workout, connect with people, feel supported and be part of something bigger. For so many people, Fitstop is not just their form of movement, but their place of socialisation and connection. An industry that allows growth, fitness, community and connection is one to seriously consider in 2023. ‍

2. High demand for convenient, accessible fitness options

With busy schedules and a focus on convenience, many people are looking for fitness options that are easily accessible and fit into their busy lives. Franchises that offer flexible class schedules, online training, and other convenient options are likely to be in high demand.

At Fitstop, each location offers an extensive list of sessions six days a week, alongside our ‘Daily Sweat’ sessions that are accessible via the App, completely inclusive in all memberships. Our App ensures we not only meet current demands, but deliver on game-changing advancements surrounding member experience to future proof our business, too.

3. Fitness franchises are a business with a consistent revenue stream via subscriptions. 

Due to membership subscriptions, group fitness franchises are a business founded by repeat business which is the dream for many industries. Many people who start a fitness routine become regular customers, returning to the same gym or studio for classes and personal training sessions which establishes a strong routine. A strong routine leads to a strong potential for repeat business, which in fitness franchising, refers to a longer member lifespan. 

Particularly with franchises such as Fitstop that focus on membership experience and retention, we’re able to attract more Fitstoppers and have them part of our communities for longer. Really, Fitstop is set up to provide a steady stream of income for our business owners. 

4. Support and resources from the franchisor

As a franchisee, you'll have the support and resources of the larger franchise company, which can help you succeed. This may include ongoing training, marketing and branding support, and access to proven business systems and processes. 

The benefits keep coming when you combine franchising with fitness. In the Fitness industry, we naturally attract driven people given what we do. These include people who are passionate about what they, stemming from HQ to business owners, as what we do has the genuine opportunity to change lives, daily. We’re here to support you, as your success is our success, too.

5. Potential for multiple revenue streams

Fitness franchises often have multiple revenue streams, such as membership subscriptions, one-off purchases and retail sales. This can help diversify your income and potentially increase your overall profitability. 

With this being said, say hello to the FItstop App - as fitness changes, Fitstop is best positioned to keep up. We’ll always have our usual subscriptions, but we also have the ability to execute, test and iterate new offers to meet market demands, such as one-off casual passes.

Overall, investing in a fitness franchise in 2023 can be a smart choice due to the growing industry, high demand for convenient options, potential for repeat business, support from the franchisor, and multiple revenue streams.

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