Are You Living the Fitstop Life?

Are You Living the Fitstop Life?

So, you’ve made it to the end of the Unstoppable Series! It must be time to relax, take a step back from training and forget routine for a while… wrong! We have a Series and not a challenge for a reason, it’s because, at Fitstop, we’re always progressing and looking for what’s next week - it’s part of who we are!


Health and fitness for a Fitstopper don’t stop at the end of the series. The Unstoppable Series is there to provide you with the tools and guidance you need to live a long, healthy, happy life and for you to maintain your fitness all year round! It’s extremely important to view each round as a small stepping stone on the road to your big goals, and now it is about setting yourself up for success in the next round! Keep training consistently, keep enforcing the habits you have learnt and keep following your training program with your fellow Fitstoppers!


1. Try new things outside of the gym

A Fitstopper is fit for life. This means that through working hard at Fitstop, we feel confident and genuinely want to work hard and be active outside of Fitstop, too. During pre-season (the time between the Unstoppable Series) why not try some new things? This could include running, bike riding, completely daily long walks with your friends + family, swimming, hiking, and rock climbing - the list is endless! It’s all about finding activities that get those endorphins pumping and make you feel extra confident in Fitstop, too.

Better yet, rally up your Fitstop community to try new things with you.

2. Keep consistent

We know, that saying consistency is key gets boring, but it’s just so important! You’d be surprised with how many people stay super consistent all throughout the Series, then drop a couple of sessions and then suddenly lose full momentum!

So, stick to 3 x Fitstop sessions a week and see your performance to continue to progress with this (trust us, we’ve got some epic additions to the program planned!).

3. Focus on living a balanced life

At Fitstop, we don’t promote an all-or-nothing mindset. It’s just not sustainable. So, whilst keeping consistent with 3 x Fitstop sessions a week, also focus on how you can balance your life out of Fitstop, too. Focus on getting enough sleep, relaxing, having fun, working hard, socialising and well, living that Fitstop lifestyle.

4. Train hard and recover harder

Look, we know that you’re always going to train hard. It’s what our communities are all about - showing up, working hard and having fun. So, keep up the hard work but spend the extra time you have recovering. This could mean spending extra time stretching post-session, or it could be treating yourself to a bath or Sauna at a local recovery centre. We personally can’t get enough of City Cave for all of our recovery needs.

5. Find your next local fitness event

At Fitstop, we move more to live more. This means we train hard in Fitstop to feel empowered and confident outside of Fitstop, too. So, let’s start thinking about your next event! We love the Unstoppable Series because it really feels like you are training for something out of the ordinary, and this feeling can be replicated year round. This could be anything; charity fun runs, marathons, triathlons, swim - anything! Simply search for events in your local area or ask your Fitstop family about what they’re getting behind.


Getting stronger, getting fitter and surrounding yourself with other like-minded people is all part of living your best life and being the best version of yourself for both you and those around you. At Fitstop, we are the Home Of Functional Fitness; meaning we are fit enough, strong enough and confident enough to live life to the max!