Build Your Business Portfolio with Fitstop Franchising

Build Your Business Portfolio with Fitstop Franchising

You may be at your first step in the fitness franchise space - deciding which franchise models are most viable in terms of financial and product-market fit, which offer the best return on investment potential and which brand you personally align with. Whilst these factors are all important, we recommend you keep the bigger picture in mind and think about how you can build your business portfolio with franchising - and how you can build this in a viable way. At Fitstop, our proven systems and business formula provides the opportunity for dedicated business owners to become multi-site operators - capitalising on financial freedom and sustainable business portfolio opportunities. 

Think about the future success you can achieve. With the proven, swift and sustainable success of our Fitstop locations, creating a strong initial location will provide the foundation for further success both within your Fitstop journey as well as your livelihood. When buying into any proven franchise model, you aren’t starting from square one - and when buying multisite opportunities, the systemised processes and support means you’re not only ahead of the game in business and franchising, but also with your investment portfolio! 

Here are the key reasons why Fitstop franchising can help build your business portfolio: 

1. Low investment cost, high (and swift) returns 

When purchasing your first Fitstop location, this entails lower investment costs when considering industry standards. This low investment cost is coupled with our strategic launch strategy which has been proven to establish success prior to opening, providing the opportunity to be cash flow positive from day one! Not only is this an incredibly exciting prospect for return on investment and providing the ability to influence members' lives, but it creates the opportunity to move swiftly into owning a second Fitstop business and ultimately creating the opportunity to increase your income. 

2. Build on the success of your Fitstop 

Whilst owning any successful business is contingent upon hard work, business acumen and hiring the right team members to support your vision, once these elements are attained, they can skyrocket the success of your next location. You’re ultimately moving along the learning curve; you’ll know what works best, you’ve developed efficient practices and are welcomed with the support and expertise of Fitstop to open another successful location.

If you’re wanting to be a passive investor, owning multiple Fitstop locations doesn’t suddenly require double or triple the time to grow each business, as the beauty of a franchise model means systemisted processes, campaigns, training and business development which covers the basis of each location, particularly in cases of hiring a team of passionate, skilled individuals.

3. We are invested in your success 

We value the dedication and analysis undertaken when establishing a flourishing business as it is also invaluable to the Fitstop brand. We know of the capabilities of our business investors and are more than willing to champion their venture into multisite ownership - such as encouraging analysis on financial validity and providing ongoing support from the initial enquiry process through to the opening. 

4. Receive the same, unparalleled support from Fitstop HQ 

We’ve seen the temptation within the industry to maintain a purely brand, franchisor-focus when encouraging multisite ownership which inevitably results in the neglection of strategy for these business owners. Whilst these business owners unmistakably have a greater understanding of the business, the same level of support should still exist. Basically, we see prior experience as an opportunity to strengthen performance when working in conjunction with current strategies pertaining to onboarding, marketing and opening. 

Fitstop provides the same level of support for each location opening regardless of experience to ensure each business owner is well-versed with the Fitstop brand, receives up-to-date opening strategies (essential in a data-driven, continually innovative business like Fitstop) and access to expert resources to drive location success. 

5.Fitstop has proven multi-site ownership success 

Not only has Fitstop built a strong portfolio of successful multisite owners, but it’s become a pivotal business focus to ensure we are providing the required resources and support for these owners. We want both businesses to exceed performance expectations to allow for business confidence, seamless processes and the near future opportunity for further location ownership. 

Our recent multi-site owners, Lauren and Simon Nash became proud owners of Fitstop Stafford in August 2020 and have since grown an incredibly successful business with growth not slowing since its opening. Their ability to not just operate in a cash-flow positive position in their first year of business, but to seamlessly transition to securing their second location, Fitstop Everton Park, is a testament to the opportunity when investing in Fitstop. We had the opportunity to recently interview Lauren and Simon and we are so proud of the success they have achieved, allowing them to invest in a second Fitstop and change their lives as they know it. 

If you’d like to read more about our strong portfolio of multi-site business owners, read our blog posts to hear directly from Fitstop Bundaberg owners, Fitstop Nundah and Fitstop Aspley and why they felt empowered and resourced to undertake this multisite business route. 

What can multi-site ownership do for you? 

Fitstop provides an impact-driven investment that really cements the passion for further success and openings through the ability to positively impact members lives and the broader community. Your Fitstop community sees this passion too and will continue to buy into your business and refer family and friends, evoking bottom line success and working in perfect harmony with opening strategies. Ultimately, Fitstop provides a business model that benefits off of the health and wellbeing of communities at large - multisite ownership simply escalates this community and investment impact. 

If it’s your vision to achieve continual financial freedom, allow your investments to grow and play a bigger game with Fitstop, download our free info pack at