Business Owner Spotlight: Fitstop Success, Western Australia

Business Owner Spotlight: Fitstop Success, Western Australia

Having opened in 2022, Fitstop Success has shown that when you've got passion, a tight-knit team, and you're all in on the brand, anything's possible. We recently spoke with Lauren Mills, the owner of Fitstop Success. We talked about everything from her journey to discovering Fitstop to what her first year in business has been like. We hope you enjoy the interview and find it as inspiring as we do. 

How did you hear about Fitstop?

I first heard about Fitstop from a friend who was aware that the franchise was on its way to
Western Australia. It came at the perfect time for me in my fitness journey and I proudly
joined Fitstop Melville as an OG Member. I quickly fell in love not only with the product but
with the community that was created there by the owners & coaches.

What attracted you to the Fitstop brand?

Everything! The visual representation of the brand is very impressive. Who doesn’t love a
pretty gym! In all seriousness though even as a member, I could feel the energy and
momentum that was being built within the franchise. You could feel that it was an exciting
space to be in, and the product really does speak for itself. To be able to deliver the true
aspects of a personal training program in a group fitness environment is incredible, and I
wanted in.

What has your career been to date, and why was Fitstop that next step for you?

I previously worked for the Australian Government for approximately 16 years and have always
had an interest & passion for coaching. In the corporate world, this was evident in my
professional learning & development goals in effective leadership and building high-performing teams. After leaving the government and being a full time mum for 3 years, I
extended my studies into Health & Wellness coaching before finally becoming a qualified
group fitness coach & personal trainer.

Opening Fitstop Success was actually my first step in the fitness industry – I jumped in with
both feet! My personal values align beautifully with the Fitstop values and I find myself
more and more pushing past my own boundaries to achieve my goals. On a personal level,
group fitness quite literally changed my life
and I am fiercely passionate about creating a
space that will allow others to have a similar experience.

What was your opening journey like?

I’ve likened it to planning a wedding! I was incredibly grateful for the support of our
Operations Manager at HQ, Dani, who really provided the structure and guidance needed to
open our location. I also spent time with other owners in the WA network who kindly
shared their experiences and ideas with me. The 12 weeks prior to Open Day was intense –
the split focus between sales, marketing, the build, recruitment and planning bootcamps - I learnt so much about myself during that time and built some great relationships with others in the Fitstop network along the way.

You’ve recently celebrated your first year of operation. What are some highlights? 

We have had so many memorable moments with our community – the first-ever Team
Game Day was a proper vibe. Our members are counting the days until the next one! But I
think as coaches, our entire teams’ highlight would have to be seeing the personal wins that every single one of our members is achieving. To watch them hit PBs in their lifts, grow in
confidence, make new friends and fully embrace being a Fitstopper is everything & more.

In terms of high level results, I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved over the last 6
months in particular. Our location regularly has one of the highest average attendance rates
in the network (our members REALLY love Fitstop) and we have experienced consistent
growth while also focussing on member experience and our retention strategies.

I’m also very thankful for the friendships I have made within the WA business owner
network and feel very lucky that I get to work alongside a bunch of legends.

How has your Fitstop team supported your growth journey?

I attribute every success to my team. It has been incredibly rewarding to watch the growth
and development of my manager over the last 12 months and she, along with our entire
coaching team, have created the most wonderful culture and community for our members.
As a team, we have worked hard to build out our own values and behaviours. We have
open communication and we are united in setting and working towards our goals.

How have you found Fitstop HQ’s support?

The support provided by Fitstop HQ has been amazing. Our Business Performance Coach,
Jeff, is an extension of our team at Success. In the months that followed our opening, he
conducted weekly and then fortnightly check-ins with our manager to support her in goal
setting, build on her sales techniques and helped us to nail the brilliant basics. To be able to
directly call or email Jeff with my concerns, challenges, questions or more recently, our
wins, has been a game changer. We might be running the race but knowing we have the
support from HQ is unreal and I think, quite unique to Fitstop operations.

How do you create a supportive & inclusive community for your members?

I think ultimately we check our egos at the door and we lead by example for our members.We build authentic, genuine relationships and we care. A lot.

What’s your advice for someone looking to open Fitstop?

Know your WHY. And be unwavering in it. Being firm in my why is what keeps me going
and to see it come to life is the ultimate reward. I also think you need to be consistent in
your efforts and have patience.

What’s next for you in your Fitstop journey?

Level 5 location baby (AKA Fitstop's most high-performing bracket)! I plan to continue building our team culture and focusing on our A game and just providing the best member experience possible to our community.

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