Embrace the Funky: Fitstop's Mental Health Month and Sweat for a Cause

Embrace the Funky: Fitstop's Mental Health Month and Sweat for a Cause

This October, we're dedicating the entire month to focus on mental health. We’re proud to support your journey, and we know the positive impact that Fitstop, and movement, can have in your life.

That’s why we’re excited to get behind Mental Health Month, and it all kicks off with something Funky Sock Friday.

Bringing Funky Sock Friday to Life Like Never Before

If you’re a Fitstopper, you should know about Funky Sock Friday by now! Have you ever wondered where Fitstop’s Funky Sock Friday came from?

The story of Funky Sock Friday began as a way to raise awareness and reduce the stigma around mental health by wearing socks that are unusual. Every Friday, it's a day when we, as a community, wear funky socks, encouraging conversations about mental well-being within our Fitstop family.

If we can wear Funky Socks, showing vulnerability and interest - we create conversations. And conversations build connections and a real sense of belonging and community.

Start a Conversation

Wearing these vibrant socks has become a movement, sparking important conversations within our Fitstop community. We believe in supporting and empowering our members both physically and mentally, and Funky Sock Friday is a step toward achieving as it all starts with genuine connection. 

Pay It Forward

Through Funky Sock Friday, our communities have given back to leading mental health institutes, supporting vital research, projects, and initiatives to aid those struggling with mental health. This October, we aim to engage even more Fitstoppers in the Funky Sock movement than ever before.

Fitstop x Posisocks

Fitstop is a community that CARES. You can now purchase our Unstoppable socks where we will be giving back $1 from every sale to the Black Dog Institute, an incredible charity that conducts mental health research to create a mentally healthier world for everyone.

Not only is purchasing a pair of these socks contributing to mental health research, but they’re here to provide you with a daily positive affirmation, thanks to Posisocks. We’ve dropped Unstoppable-themed Fitstop socks that trigger positive thinking to help you win the morning, win the day.

*Only available at select locations. Reach out to your location to find out more.

Sweat for a Cause: Move for Mental Health

Date: October 14

As part of Fitstop’s Pay It Forward initiative, we will be hosting a special event - "Move for Mental Health". This micro version of the original 'workout 4 mental health' session encourages our community to pay it forward and give back to the Black Dog Institute.

Event Details

Inspired by a fellow Fitstopper, Jeremy Gordon, Move for Mental Health aims to create conversations within our Fitstop community to support and empower our members' physical and mental wellbeing. It's a way for us to pay it forward and give back to leading institutes supporting mental health research, projects, and initiatives.

Why Join Us?

Mental health is an important issue that affects everyone. One in five Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. That's why we're hosting Move for Mental Health, a special micro-workout session to raise awareness and funds for the Black Dog Institute.

Our collective goal is to raise funds to give back to the Black Dog Institute and make a difference in the realm of mental health. Stay tuned to see how you can directly support this foundation. 

Let’s band together for mental health!

Join us in making a positive impact this October! Let's rock those funky socks, ignite conversations, and support mental health research through Fitstop's Sweat for a Cause event on October 14, raising funds for the Black Dog Institute. Stay tuned for more updates and ways to get involved.