Multi-site Business Owner Spotlight - Fitstop Nundah & Aspley

Multi-site Business Owner Spotlight - Fitstop Nundah & Aspley

What’s it like to be a Fitstop Franchise Partner? We chat with Rob and Davina, passionate owners of Fitstop Nundah in Queensland, as they share their Fitstop journey. 

Starting as avid Fitstop members themselves, they made it their goal to create an incredibly supportive, welcoming and successful fitness community, where people can have fun whilst achieving real results. Since opening their Fitstop location on 1 June 2019, the duo and their team have evidently made a massive impact within the Nundah community.

How did you learn about Fitstop for the first time?

We used to drive past Fitstop Redcliffe on our way home.  Rob decided to pop in one day and subsequently joined.  Davina took more convincing and joined about three months after Rob did. 


What attracted you to the franchise?

We fell in love with the community, first and foremost, realising that there was more to training than just exercise.  Friends we made as members are still friends of ours today.  We also fell in love with the TRAINING style and the results we both saw from training at Fitstop.

How did opening Fitstop change your life?

We now have a fitfam that we love and adore – we knew Fitstop was about community but we never anticipated how much we would genuinely love and adore the people who train with us each day.  They have taught us so much and to watch them get results from training, and build confidence and friendships, is truly priceless. 

What were your biggest fears as you explored becoming a franchise owner? And what has been the best part?

We were so passionate about the brand and excited to open our own that the fears we had were overcome with a true desire to own and operate the business.  We hit financial roadblocks along the way but somehow always found a way to make it happen.  We’d never considered owning a fitness franchise but as soon as we dove into the brand, the decision to open our own was easy and seamless.  We went from members to owners in 6 months.  The best part – actually opening the doors.  A lot of work went into open day and to see so many smiling and happy faces walk through the gym that day was amazing.  

Talk us through your average day?

Rob currently works full time outside of the gym.  Typically he takes some of the 5 and 6am classes before going to work and the 7:15pm class after work.  Davina typically spends half the day at the gym helping the trainers in classes, spotting members during lifts, dancing with them on the floor and helping them with burpees!  The rest of the day is usually spent contacting members for check ins, building on existing B2B relationships, supporting the team, and completing various admin tasks.  Davina is also a psychologist and typically sees 3-4 clients per week.

What gets you out of bed each morning?  

Coffee?... It’s been a hard and tiring year, particularly with COVID. We’ve often said that we’re busier and more stressed than ever which isn’t dissimilar to how we lived prior to opening Fitstop. The difference now, though, is that this is our baby and the absolute and utter joy it brings makes the work we put in totally worth it!

How would you rate the overall support and how does this contribute to your overall success?

Fitstop as a Franchisor are incredibly supportive.  Particularly during COVID, they leveled up and supported the Franchise Partners despite taking a hit as a company.  We receive regular and consistent support via email, telephone, face to face and even text.  Not only do we receive toolkits and forecasting tools to support the growth and development of our business, the team at HQ are there anytime we need to ask urgent advice or run something by them.  They put the Franchise Partners and our members first.

COVID-19 hit business around the world pretty hard, tell us about your experience with it.

It was actually an amazing experience; it is odd to say that because so many people have suffered.  Our community was phenomenal, coming together to support us and each other.  We transitioned over half of our membership to an online platform, thanks to HQ releasing a brand new App.  We had a lot of fun during the live workouts.  The support and ingenuity that Fitstop Australia provided during this time was second to none.  And our members – there are no words for them!

How did you pivot your business in COVID-19 and how did you continue to support your members?

We spent an entire weekend at the gym testing different settings and equipment to ensure that the online workouts were the best experience for our members.  We believed we achieved this, bringing incredible sound quality, music and dual microphones (meaning the Nundah trainer banter) to our members.  We had fun with their online names, changing their screen name upon entry.  We provided wellbeing and nutritional support during lock down, and, in true Nundah style, we sent treats to our members!

You have had incredible success reopening your location. How have you re-grown your membership base?

We have bounced back incredibly well and are currently in a stronger position than ever before. We love our members and much of our revenue goes back to them through gifts, equipment, the training team and support structures.  We remained close to our community during the COVID closures, providing them with a consistent and stable, safe and fun place to train.  We’re also blessed with the most amazingly supportive team, who love our members and who our members love back.  

What are your future goals?

We would like to invest in multiple Fitstop franchises. We love this brand and want to see it grow.  We also have future plans to own a home and to travel when we can again.  

What advice would you give to someone who wants to open a Fitstop but might be afraid to take the next step?

Just do it.  You won’t regret it.  The joy it brings is hard to compare!

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