Fitstop Tops Australia’s Health and Fitness Brands After a Strong Year of Growth

Fitstop Tops Australia’s Health and Fitness Brands After a Strong Year of Growth

We're excited to give you an exclusive look into the impressive strides Fitstop has taken in 2023.

Not only have we been recognised as the fastest-growing health and fitness brand for a consecutive year, but we’ve now also topped recent industry reports as the strongest fitness business for 2023. These accolades stem from a recent GapMaps Retail Network Report, which highlights that Fitstop has maintained robust net growth over the past year, a remarkable feat amidst a challenging period for numerous other fitness brands.

Source: GapMaps Retail Network Report for Australia's Health and Fitness Sector 2023

If you've been dreaming about owning a Fitstop franchise, get ready to be inspired and excited about what we’ve achieved so far, and what this means for our strong future.

“We are honoured to be the fastest-growing health and fitness company in Australia,” said Peter Hull, Founder and Global CEO of Fitstop. “More importantly, we’re incredibly proud of our hard-working franchisees, members, and team members for sustaining healthy businesses in what’s been a tough year for many Australian businesses.”

Embracing the Fundamentals: A Formula for Success

Our success is grounded in mastering well-defined systems, streamlined processes, and strategic reinvestments into our existing network. As a franchisee, you can count on us to provide you with the necessary tools and support to thrive in your Fitstop venture.

“We are committed to providing our franchisees with the resources they need to succeed, and we are excited to continue our growth in the years to come,” said Hull.

Fitstop's people-first approach to franchising has been the secret to its steady and remarkable growth, with the brand opening 45 new locations in Australia over the past 12 months. Further to their local success is the expansion of their global footprint, with eight locations opening in New Zealand and new regions, Singapore and the United States.

Community at the Core: Our Fitstop Family

At Fitstop, we place people at the centre of everything we do. This philosophy has fueled our growth, allowing us to proudly open 45 new Fitstop locations across Australia and expand globally into New Zealand, Singapore, and the United States. We're all about building a strong, supportive network and nurturing a sense of belonging.

Seeing these communities come to life has been nothing short of rewarding. At Fitstop, we prioritise the strength of our network above all else. Sustainable growth has been a guiding principle in building a community of passionate franchise owners who align with Fitstop's values. The careful selection of owners ensures a strong and supportive network, fostering mutual success, and that’s why opening incredible communities amalgamates our hard work, dedication to process and brand alignment, allowing us to launch into new markets successfully.

Investing in a Global Business: Technology and Talent

Further to this, Fitstop continues to reinvest in our Business Owners through the continued development of our cutting-edge technology, and a global strategic leadership team. The latest hires to Fitstop’s global team include Netflix's Head of Consumer Products for US/Canada/Aus/NZ, Natalia Premovic and Lift Brand’s Global Administration Officer, Paul Early, both joining Fitstop’s board of directors.

Your Future with Fitstop Franchising

Fitstop Franchising is not just about owning a business; it's about being part of a thriving fitness family. If you're seeking a franchise opportunity that prioritises growth, community, and innovation, it's time to find out why Fitstop Franchising is the perfect fit.

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