Fitstop USA: Your Look into the Fitstop Formula!

Fitstop USA: Your Look into the Fitstop Formula!

Our Fitstoppers, and everyone who comes to Fitstop, are unique. They have an athlete-driven mindset and thrive on competing with their community in sessions, but are equally willing to offer a hand to support. We're proud to have Fitstoppers who are everyday athletes and constantly strive for the very best from themselves - so, it's our job to go above and beyond to support them.

At Fitstop, we're the home of functional fitness. We're proud to have developed and fine-tuned a game-changing Fitstop Formula - a fitness fusion where we LIFT, PERFORM, CONDITION, and SWEAT.

The Fitstop Formula came about from an integrated approach to fitness, where we wanted to consider all components of fitness to pursue personal performance and progression. By having a well-rounded formula, we ensure you can truly stop at nothing and unleash your limitless potential like never before.

Are you ready? 


A true fitness fusion, each session ensures you hit varying levels of strength, endurance, and metabolic conditioning to promote your abilities as a well-rounded athlete. Most excitingly, our sessions are 50 minutes long, with 36 minutes of working time. You'll show up, work as hard as possible, and finish your session on an absolute high! We know that Fitstoppers train with purpose - we can't wait to support you and see it in action!

Let's take a look at what you can expect in your NEW Fitstop sessions!


Our LIFT sessions are programmed using elements of progressive overload and functional strength. Expect compound lifts, isolated exercises, stability, and mobility to promote improved quality of movement and overall muscle development. Feel stronger, look leaner, and move better.


A crowd favorite here at Fitstop, PERFORM is programmed to take your athletic performance to the next level. Through the inclusion of compound lifts, explosive movements, fast intervals, and full-body burners, you'll increase both your anaerobic and aerobic capacity. Expect to work with intensity, push your limits, and unleash your inner athlete.


At Fitstop, CONDITION sessions are programmed to put your cardiovascular and muscular endurance to the ultimate test. Expect a variety of full-body conditioning, high-intensity exercises that will keep your heart rate high for an extended period and push your limits both mentally and physically!


At Fitstop, we work for the weekend. Saturday SWEAT is a time to rally your teammates and put your performance to the test. Work towards a target, share your results, and start your weekend training hard with your fellow Fitstoppers! We're absolutely pumped for the SWEAT sessions as you train for the weekend and start your weekend strong!

LET'S GO, TEAM! We're absolutely pumped for you to experience the Fitstop Formula. Get ready to work towards the best version of yourself in a supportive, engaging, and competitive environment true to Fitstop!

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Let's go, Fitstoppers!