Fitstop’s Investment in Technology

Fitstop’s Investment in Technology

At Fitstop, we’ve prioritised being a leading data-driven business and we’ve continued to reinforce our position as the most supportive franchise network. We’re paving the way as the home of functional fitness, with huge plans on the horizon. 

One thing we know is that our strong business positioning and goals can be elevated through our position as a leading technology driven franchise network. Our investment in technology improves performance for our Business Owners, enhances the fitness journey for our members and overall, really elevates our reputation as a business always looking to innovate and achieve more. 

The opportunities within technology are endless, so I’ve broken it down to 4 key areas that Fitstop is using technology to enhance their offerings.  

1. Long-term technology strategy 

We know that the future of the fitness industry is heavily tied to investment in technology - and at Fitstop, we’ve prioritised this movement. We have committed to a long-term technology strategy to ensure our processes and product from a Business Owner and member perspective are top quality. Our investment in technology has meant we have nine staff employed and over 510 hours of development each month. This means we can continuously improve our technology offerings and ensure we never miss a beat in terms of opportunity. 

What does this mean for you as a Fitstop Business Owner? Investing in technology is a key differentiator in the industry as it will improve the processes to run an efficient business and a product offering that is continually enticing to members. We continue to align with consumer and market demands by using technology to innovate our performance-based sessions and allowing your members to track their own performance. This means you can be part of a business that is always moving forward without compromising what makes it strong in the first place. 

2. The Fitstop App 

A huge strategic advantage that Fitstop maintains is our custom-built Fitstop App. We’ve overcome operational and growth barriers that many other businesses experience who engage with third-party App providers. Instead, we’re in a highly advantageous position as we own our member data, we can be agile and improve our App as needed, and ultimately, we retain complete control of our offerings. 

Of course, Fitstop’s App provides a seamless experience for onboarding and engaging members, but the value runs much deeper than this. The invaluable data generated within the App such as member usage, milestones or experience within the Fitstop App are readily available to our Business Owners. This means you gain a holistic understanding of new and current members, whereby you can incorporate strategies provided by Fitstop to ensure continual engagement and the end goal of high member retention. 

We host our 6 Week Challenge within our App which includes recipe libraries, performance benchmarking data and goal tracking, meaning the entire Fitstop experience can be completed in the palm of our member’s hands. 

3. Business Owner Dashboard 

Our investment in the Fitstop-App ensures direct integration with our unique Business Owner Dashboard. This provides key details such as the ‘vital signs’ of your business, net member movement, lead opportunities, awareness of new members and crucial emotional components such as upcoming anniversaries and birthdays. By having awareness of and acting on these metrics, you have the tools to operate a successful, financially driven business whilst simultaneously creating a community that continues to attract members. 

The data-backed awareness of your business is particularly useful to track your lag measurements and performance in location. This is vital to understand what you’re doing well as a business owner and where you can look to improve. It also means you can store your metrics in one place as opposed to multiple spreadsheets and having to manually track data. 

4. Increasing revenue streams 

At the heart of our investment in technology is the desire to increase revenue streams for our Business Owners, both directly and indirectly; this is a key focus of our future strategy. Direct sources of revenue streams include our Fitstop Challenge, paid campaigns such as our Introductory Offer and our Free Week initiative. Technology enables these to occur due to the capabilities of our App, whilst also allowing for strict performance management of these with our reporting capabilities. 

Indirect sources relate to streamlining our processes, offering added value such as in-App flexible sessions and Daily Sweats, efficient running of our sessions and other enablers of the Fitstop difference that result in members buying into what we do.  

Fitstop’s technology trajectory

Technology has allowed us to really level up as a business. Fitstop’s future technology trajectory involves some very exciting projects and initiatives that are competitive on a global scale. This includes using data to personalise our service, improve our member journey, track human behaviour to build better engagement strategies and really leverage Fitstop’s leading performance-based training to gain more insight into our member’s performance.  

Really, the opportunities are continually evolving in the fitness technology landscape and we’re proud to be in a position where we are key leaders of these innovations. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Fitstop’s overall difference within the functional group fitness space, download our info pack at