Fitstop’s Philosophy

Fitstop’s Philosophy

Want to know what makes Fitstop, Fitstop?

Build strength, build endurance, build Fitness for life. Master simplicity and embrace variety. Squat, deadlift, push, pull, jump, swim, bike, run, hold. Vary the intensity, vary the environment, enjoy the process. Train using functional movements to allow a long, healthy, happy life and inspire others to do the same. Eat to fuel your body with balanced, nutrient-dense food that supports your performance and overall well-being. Inspire movement, inspire human connection; move more, live more.

It’s as simple as that: our commitment is to move more to live more. We deliver this through our unique training program and unstoppable community, so you can move your body in any way you choose and live life more by doing what you love.


At Fitstop, our program is structured over a 12 Week block, where strength and conditioning meet functional fitness. We believe the most important things in any training program are consistency, progression and enjoyment, allowing Fitstoppers to get long-term and sustainable results to achieve their health and fitness goals.

  • To us, consistency means training at Fitstop at least 3 times per week (the magic number) plus your choice of activity outside of the gym (think joining your local touch footy or netball team, adding in a run, swim or cycle, or long walks).

  • Progression means members are constantly looking to increase load and intensity to improve strength and fitness

  • Enjoyment means we facilitate all of this in a high-energy, supportive group environment surrounded by like-minded people and trainers.

The Fitstop formula, a fitness fusion, is delivered via our LIFT, PERFORM, CONDITION and SWEAT sessions throughout the week, but we also offer a DAILY SWEAT, enabling you to move your body from anywhere at any time via the Fitstop App!

Here’s a little breakdown of how we structure our sessions:

  • MONDAY PERFORM: Strength + High Intensity 

  • TUESDAY LIFT: Strength + Isolation exercises

  • WEDNESDAY CONDITION: Full Body Conditioning

  • THURSDAY PERFORM: Strength + High Intensity

  • FRIDAY LIFT: Strength + Isolation exercises

  • SATURDAY SWEAT: Strength + High Intensity

  • DAILY SWEAT: Full Body Conditioning (In App Only)



We structure our strength program over a 12 Week Block is to build load and intensity over time, promoting safety and longevity. In our Lift and Perform sessions, you will regularly see our 3 main lifts feature at different rep ranges across the training block, along with constant variations to change the stimulus on your body, avoid training plateau and eliminate burnout.

Outside our 3RM testing, every week, there is the opportunity to progress by simply lifting that little bit heavier or getting those few extra reps out - look at the screens as they will highlight any specific opportunities for you!


We have multiple testing opportunities throughout the year that combines every element of the entire Fitstop formula; strength, metabolic conditioning and endurance.


To complete a well-rounded training program, conditioning and aerobic fitness are extremely important! At Fitstop, we include conditioning in our Perform, Condition and Sweat sessions and just like measuring strength progression, we also measure our fitness!

Throughout the program, we measure progression in certain ‘Fitstop Favourites’ Condition sessions and a 5km run. As we mentioned, we also encourage you to get outside the gym once a week and add a lower-intensity aerobic session such as a walk, run, hike, cycle, swim or hike!


At Fitstop, our approach to nutrition mirrors our approach to training. Our main goal is to educate on how to create long-term, sustainable habits. To enable this, we provide all Fitstoppers with access to a selection of balanced, nutritious recipes designed to fuel and nourish your body.


At Fitstop, community is everything. That’s why we deliver our sessions in a group environment and each session is designed around team-work and connection. Experiences with others make for memorable moments and relationships that will last a lifetime.

Whether your goal is to build a healthier lifestyle, learn new movements in the gym, run your first 5km or complete your first triathlon, you are surrounded by a community of people ready to help you get there!

Embrace the sweat together, celebrate the wins together, share new experiences together and be UNSTOPPABLE TOGETHER!

This is Fitstop’s philosophy, and we can’t wait to see where this journey with us takes you.