Fitstop's Strategy Release!

Fitstop's Strategy Release!

We’ve said it from the start and we’ll say it again, 2022 will be Fitstop’s BIGGEST YEAR YET. Well, it’s already living up to this. We’ve had our product release for the new Fitstop Formula, launched an inclusive 6 Weeks Unstoppable Series to our members and aired our first TV Commercial that featured during Australia’s 2022 Super Bowl viewing. We’re also impacting more lives than we have before and we’re going to see this number continue to grow with the epic opening locations we’ve got in store.  

The best part is, we can hardly wait for what’s next (we’re trying to keep some things a secret, but don’t hold us to this as the excitement is real!). 


At Fitstop’s 2021 Conference we announced our theme of the year, which with no surprise, is STRONGER TOGETHER. This guides the strategy, direction and attitude of our entire network. It gives us that extra purpose in everything that we do. At its core, this theme means that we need to think of the collective and recognise the importance of everything we do as it shapes the entire Fitstop brand. It encourages our business owners to reach out to one another for support and to create a sharing mentality of wins and opportunities. 

Stronger together also means that at Fitstop, we’re committed to supporting the growth and journey of every business owner and Fitstop location by improving key resources such as technology, data and marketing so that through our partnership, we both come out stronger on the other side. As a new business owner, you’re walking right into a business that leverages its brand, technology and product and will continue to do so - putting your business at the front foot of success. 

Well, let’s get right into it - here’s what we’re doing in 2022 and exactly why you should care! 

1. One-of-a-kind partnerships

As we strive to become the home of functional fitness globally, we’ve ensured our state of play reflects this. Beyond Fitstop’s training style, technology and strong reputation is the need to have incredible, well known and aligned partnerships that further elevate our brand. 

We’re so proud of our partnerships with the likes of athleisure powerhouse LSKD, the Gold Coast Titans, Reebok, CoolCabana, local heroes and our well known everyday athletes. We’re also backed by the global fitness leader Lift Brands which means we’ve got further resources to support your growth. 

The thing about these partnerships is that they’re different from anything we’ve seen which is needed to take our brand to the next level. For example, we designed our own collection with LSKD and built a High-Performance Training Centre for the Gold Coast Titans NRL team instead of a simple sponsorship, to name a few. 

2. Exciting international expansion

January 2022 saw the launch of our very first international location in New Zealand! We’ve got a strong pipeline of locations to follow as well as some very exciting destinations coming up… (hello the US and UK!). 

Being in the position to be thinking about not just one international location, but a pipeline of where we want to see Fitstop next highlights that we’re doing something right. Through our investment from Lift Brands and prioritising the right resources at the right time, we’re equipped to help our international business owners achieve their biggest goals. International expansion also benefits each and every existing Fitstop location with media coverage, brand awareness on a much larger scale and the continual opportunity for learnings from exciting markets. 

3. New product release

We started the year with a network-wide bang by introducing the new Fitstop Formula into the entire Fitstop community! The formula represents a fitness fusion combining strength, metabolic conditioning and endurance, representing our desired way of training with performance and progression at the core of everything. We’ve got a whole blog dedicated to our new product release you can look at here

There’s actually a lot more happening here that you’ll definitely want to know about! This is the part we need to keep secret (for now), but think more gamification, automation, additions to programming, technology advancements and WEARABLES. We’re not just introducing wearables but also enabling a technology ecosystem that enhances our members' experience like never before whilst taking their performance and progression tracking to the next level. 

Let’s just say that with how impactful and unique this offering is - you’ll definitely be hearing about it soon! 

4. Data-driven business strategy

It’s official; we’ve got the strongest vision and resources yet to drive our data strategy! Our data-driven approach is essential to our technology ecosystem, member experience and business owner success. This year, we’re taking a deep dive into speaking to the needs of our members, using data to push towards having Fitstoppers for life and identifying opportunities to shift and move our operations.  

We want to empower you to not only know the ins and outs of your business but the ups and downs too; we’ll achieve this with the support of our data.  

A strategy that keeps evolving

What else is in store for Fitstop? As a business right now, we’re in our fastest, most vital growth stage and with the most opportunity to get things done to make an impact. So, we’re growing our team to have the right people to support us; we’re focusing on on-the-ground support for each area and are searching for people like you who are passionate about sharing the journey. 

To keep up to date with the success of these current strategies and new strategies as they evolve, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram @fitstopfitness.