Multi-Site Business Owner Spotlight - Rick and Tarryn, WA

Multi-Site Business Owner Spotlight - Rick and Tarryn, WA

The launch of Fitstop Melville in May 2021 was nothing short of remarkable, cementing our first location in Western Australian and being recognised as one of our most successful openings open locations to date. Since opening Fitstop Melville, owners Rick and Tarryn continue to stop at nothing, having also welcomed Fitstop Bedford, Fitstop Canning Vale and Fitstop Innaloo into their lives.

But where did it all begin? Their success was the result of a highly collaborative effort between mulit-site Fitstop owners Rick and Tarryn, their gun manager Riley and their dedicated team, and support from our Fitstop HQ team. The passion for Fitstop that owners Rick and Tarryn demonstrate, is the same passion that inspired them to trust the process and become the first location in WA. Rick and Tarryn’s impressive story highlights the ability to achieve flexibility in your lifestyle when buying into a proven franchise system like Fitstop. We had the opportunity to discuss their journey with Fitstop, their key tips for success and their future trajectory with the brand. 

1. What are your individual backgrounds outside of owning your own Fitstop?

Rick: I work in the construction industry as a consultant specialising in contracts and commercial management. However I have also previously run my own PT business from a big box gym.

Tarryn: I also work full-time as an oral health therapist and dental hygienist, with a real passion for also helping children.

2. What motivated you to take this next step and open your own fitness franchise?

Motivation for us came from our own love for all things fitness. Franchising with Fitstop presented a great opportunity to share this love with our community and be a part of something special. Secondly, it also motivated us to set up our future through a passive income.  

3. How did you hear about Fitstop as the first location to launch in a new state?

We were watching 7 News one morning and saw an interview with Kris Smith, former professional rugby league footballer, where he spoke about Fitstop. At that moment we thought it looked like a great franchise - the rest is history. 

4. What attracted you to Fitstop as the number one functional fitness franchises?

The reasons that stood out most to us include: 

  • The programming is amazing and it resonates with the way we like to train
  • Fitstop HQ provided great support from initial contact, through start up, opening and post opening (we found other franchise models did not provide this support which ultimately deterred us from them)
  • The fit out of the Fitstop locations are amazing and truly industry leading
  • The Fitstop community from business owners and members just left us wanting more of it when we visited Fitstop locations in QLD and when meeting Fitstop owners Rebecca and Pete Hull 

5. How have you found the support from HQ?

Support from HQ has always been great. There is never a day that goes by that we feel detached from HQ as I can always ring anyone from HQ, being that Pete, Bec, Al or Steve; they always answer and assist where they can even if it's just a catch up call or a bit of banter about AFL (Alan....Go WCE). 

Communication from HQ has always been great, especially during COVID lockdown periods.

6. What strategies do you believe led you to launch with a strong membership base?

We knew that Perth was ready for Fitstop and it was the one fitness franchise that was missing, and this made us very confident. We always believe that our team is a major part of launching with a strong membership base. Our amazing team (manager Riley and trainers Caitlyn, Michael and Chessy) are always there to support our members. Having a strong team goes a long way and should never be undervalued!

The processes and systems that HQ have created to launch a strong and successful location is easy and simple to follow. All that is required is for someone to successfully implement the plans and trust the system. 

7. How have you continued to grow your community / membership base?

We have continued to grow our community through:

  • Implementing HQ systems successfully (trust the process)
  • A genuine love for our community
  • Member referrals so that they can share the Fitstop experience with their friends and family
  • Always keeping in touch with our members and forming wonderful friendships with them
  • Once again, having a wonderful team who takes care of the members and actually cares about each individual

8. As a passive investor, how many hours would you spend on the business - what else is your time spent on professionally?

Outside of our full time commitments to our careers, we spend about 10-20 hours a week (between the two of us) working on the business. The team from day one operated as a team and created an environment where we don't feel the need to be there all the time as there is trust within the team that the person next to them will do their part and execute well. 

9. How has Fitstop changed your life?

Fitstop provided a safe space for us where we can go daily and make it the best hour of our day. We have the opportunity to meet the loveliest and greatest people who we love seeing everyday. Not a day goes by that we are at one of our Fitstop locations where it feels like we are working, this is due to a great community and team! 

From a business perspective, Fitstop is providing us with that passive income that Fitstop HQ initially spoke about when we met up with Bec and Pete in late 2019. Thanks Pete and Bec for trusting us in bringing Fitstop to WA.

10. Any final advice for someone looking to open a Fitstop?

Stop procrastinating, get in contact with ourselves or Fitsop HQ and open a Fitstop. Trust the Fitstop system and we promise you will never look back, only forward! 

Seeing responses like Rick and Tarryn's makes our team genuinely proud of the impact we are making in the fitness industry as a brand - to our members, trainers, managers and owners. The community contribution that Rick and Tarryn have in Fitstop WA is exceptional and has really set the high standard of Fitstop that will position our pipeline of future Western Australia locations for huge success! It’s incredibly rewarding to see the Fitstop difference change the lives of our business owners like Rick and Tarryn, in this case bridging the benefits of passive income opportunities and working in an industry that owners are extremely passionate about. We cannot wait to hear of all the future success that Rick and Tarryn and their teams create!

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