Business Owner Spotlight - Fitstop Nerang

Business Owner Spotlight - Fitstop Nerang

We love attracting well-versed business owners who invest in their future with Fitstop off the back of pure passion for the brand and the opportunity within our business model. Ben Old, Fitstop Nerang’s business owner, is someone who did exactly this - with no prior experience in the fitness industry, he felt completely aligned to Fitstop’s values and future direction - he knew it would take his strong portfolio to the next level. 

Ben has cultivated an exceptional community that was evident from the very beginning - with a passionate team and Ben’s business expertise guiding them through their opening, they have continued to experience strong growth since launching! More than this, we’ve loved the genuine excitement and love Ben has for his community - where his investment in the fitness industry has created a positive social impact in the Nerang community. We cannot wait for his future Fitstop locations to experience this impact too! 

We really enjoyed chatting with Ben; his story highlights the opportunity when investing in Fitstop, where no matter your background, your passion will set you apart.

1. What is your background outside of owning your own Fitstop?

I have 20+ plus years experience in Quick Service Restaurants. I started as a casual employee, then progressed to a manager, area manager and finally as an owner. At one point it had 32 locations in 4 brands with 450 staff (hence no hair). Currently, I own three drive thru coffee locations and now, Fitstop Nerang.


2. What motivated you to take the next step and open your own fitness franchise?

I have always liked to train and value health and fitness - I love running and group training. With respect to investing, I have always felt investing in something you enjoy and are passionate about is important. I try to invest in brands that are early on the growth curve, have engaged founders that are still involved in the business and have strong management teams. Fitstop well and truly had all of these attributes.


3. What attracted you to Fitstop over other functional fitness franchises?

As above, the strength in Fitstop’s management and support was very appealing. I researched the background of the executive team, the founder and the board - and they were all really impressive. The brand positioning was also exceptional - the brand is positioned as a challenger brand with fresh programming, look, feel and price positioning, I had confidence that this is what consumers were looking for. There were so many other components - the advanced technology that is customer facing is first class, the availability of A grade locations, the franchise agreement and the simplicity of operation. I loved that my sessions can be run with one trainer per class, there’s not a huge amount of equipment requirements and the fit-out was simple yet effective - really delivering value from an expense perspective. 


4. How have you found the support from Fitstop and how has this contributed to your overall success in these early stages?

Obviously my operational experience in running a fitness business was nil. The entire HQ team were very supportive in assisting me with finding the right team. From sales executive to the Operations team right through to the executive level, the whole HQ team was engaged, supportive and full of energy.


5. What is your team dynamic and how do you think this has contributed to your success?

I have the most wonderful team of trainers and managers. I have a full time manager, a full time trainer and some casual staff. I am very fortunate to have a team that have built strong relationships and look out for each other. Most importantly, they are Fitstop advocates. A location's success is so closely tied to the quality of the trainers. I’m most proud that my team is made of wonderful humans as well as great trainers . 


6. How many hours do you spend on the business - what else is your time spent on professionally? 

I am in location every day, but don’t run any classes. I am blessed to have strong management teams in my other businesses, and I can do most of my work online. When starting a Fitstop location, like any business I would suggest it is vital to spend time in location and get to know your members and team to be able to grow your community.


7. What was the highlight of your open day? 

Seeing my trainer’s happy faces. It is a kick seeing members enter the new space you have created, but seeing the trainers full of energy and able to apply their skills to a new group is awesome.


8. Are you looking to become a multi-site owner, and if so, when?

Location number two is in process and we are aiming to open in Easter next year. I have also purchased a third territory and am currently scouting for locations.


9. Any final advice for someone looking to buy their own Fitstop? 

Speak to as many owners as you can - they will let you know their thoughts and provide valuable insight. Ask what they love, what they would change, if they are opening more locations etc. The more people you can speak to the better. I also suggest you train in as many locations as you can - at both Fitstop and competitors. Put simply, if you love the Fitstop difference as a member, you will love it as an owner.

We have loved supporting Ben through his Fitstop journey to date and are very thankful for the value he has brought not only to the Gold Coast fitness scene, but to the entire Fitstop network! Ben is a testament to the fact that with a strong team and the willingness to understand every element of your business, Fitstop affords the opportunity to invest your time in the areas you want to - and for Ben, this is in his current businesses and his future Fitstop locations!   

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