Multi-site Business Owner Spotlight - Fitstop Bundaberg & Hervey Bay

Multi-site Business Owner Spotlight - Fitstop Bundaberg & Hervey Bay

Fitstop Bundaberg was our first regional location and within four short months they've grown to over an impressive 250 members - a product of a highly impactful community and a phenomenal business! 

Fitstop Bundaberg’s Business Owners Aletha, Slade and manager Natasha operate as an excellent team incorporating a balance of business acumen, fitness expertise and the collective passion to create a strong community and reputation that encourages organic success.  So successful that in fact, they are in the process of securing their next Fitstop location and becoming multi-site operators.

We spoke to Aletha to understand her perspective on the integral aspects for their business success; we found this incredibly valuable and hope you do too.  

What were your individual backgrounds before owning your own Fitstop?

Slade and I are from a construction background. We already owned and still operate a successful construction company which is also part of a franchise.

How did you come to learn about Fitstop and what attracted you to owning a Fitstop?

Natasha introduced us to Fitstop. We had been looking at other models and they weren’t coming together for us. Natasha mentioned that there was a new franchise rapidly growing in the Brisbane region and thought that it was something that we should look at. We reached out to Fitstop and found that their ethos matched with what we were looking for and our view on a successful franchise model.

What do you believe the key successful drivers have been for building your Fitstop Community?

I think Slade, Natasha and myself all look at different keys to the success of our business. From Slade and my perspective it was the existing model of Fitstop, the processes and procedures supplied and most of all the community in which Natasha was able to create and build as a local, well known health professional in our community.

In my opinion you can have all the right procedures and business acumen but still not understand the importance of community, inclusion and marketing in your local region. You need all of these key attributes in order to build a successful business in any community. Reputation and image is everything.

How important is building business to business relationships in the local community?

This is an important part of every local business. In order to really build that trust in your community you need to be seen and heard doing the right things. Whether that be through community spirit, marketing or giving back to those around you – it all plays a vital part in your long term growth and stability.

What are the focuses you have in your business which you believe are the most important and have contributed to your massive success?

I believe that the most fundamental part of our business and its growth has been the quality of the space we have provided, the level of community spirit and inclusion for all members in which Natasha has created and smart business principles which have been included in our own personal visions for the business.

Since opening you have grown at a phenomenal rate, what tips can you give someone who is about to embark on the same journey?

Don’t get caught up in the day to day – focus on what is important and ensure that you think about every step of the journey and not just the right now. Small business is a lifestyle and not something you can turn on and off as you please. Focus on work when you need to and your personal life when you can. The rewards will come if you work hard.

Fitstop Bundaberg’s success is a true inspiration and we are beyond excited by the potential for success within regional communities. If you have any further questions about Fitstop Bundaberg’s business success or if you would love the opportunity to be empowered and experience this success yourself within a regional community, please reach out to Bec our Franchise Recruitment Manager today via