How Fitstop Has Created the 'Perfect' Session

How Fitstop Has Created the 'Perfect' Session

What makes the perfect session? Time and time again, the industry benchmark term coined the ‘perfect session’ is used to demonstrate how effective a workout is. Some blanket examples include calories burned, range of exercises, whether the members worked hard enough, how many members actually attended, was their feedback positive, have they booked into another session?  This is important because being able to create what members would consider a perfect session means group fitness businesses know their product offering is great and they can be confident in their ability to attract and retain members. Because at the end of the day, the core product of a group fitness business is their sessions, right? 

Well, at Fitstop - we’ve not only got the perfect session covered, but we have it covered at every angle. To us, a perfect session extends beyond the workout itself, and instead encapsulates every moment from when our members are at home and book into their session right through to when they leave (a little sweatier) after their epic workout. We define a perfect session as one where our members have a great experience at every contact point so they leave feeling like their Fitstop session was the highlight of their day. This is a big call to make, but it’s true; time and time again we’ve received this feedback from our members, leaving our business owners and managers completely fulfilled and our members inspired.

We’ve invested in having internal expertise spanning years of experience in the fitness industry to deliver strategies that create ‘the perfect Fitstop session’. Our goal is to increase our member’s chance of retention whilst supporting our business owners with an exceptional product. 

This is what the perfect session looks like at Fitstop

Seamless booking experience

Our in-house App has been designed with user experience at the forefront of decisions. We have limited the barriers to entry for someone attending their first Fitstop session as they simply need to download the app, select their location, book their first session free, whilst being able to simply join after this by adding their payment details. This ease of joining, with no interruptions or dependencies on staff or processing time, means members are presented with a positive, seamless experience from the onset. 

Once officially joined, members can book into their sessions at their convenience with bookings open two weeks in advance. Members are notified of when classes are both almost full and completely full, as well as being provided with an explanation of the workout formula (FIT, FAST OR FUNCTIONAL) so they know what to expect! This information of course feeds back to our business owners and managers who are able to see which new members are coming whilst monitoring the engagement of their current members - providing the groundwork for creating an experience that goes above and beyond. 

Importantly, members can just as easily manage their sessions not just by booking in, but by being added to waitlists if sessions are full, receiving push notifications about reminders of their bookings and to anonymously rate their session - ensuring we have active feedback on the ‘perfect session’. As members first open their App, front and centre is a unique referral code that entices our raving fans to send their friends their code and gain a week for free in doing so.  

Welcoming each member at the door

As each member walks through the door, we set a standard for them to be greeted and signed in by a manager or trainer. Ensuring that members are signed in ensures no member is neglected, whilst also allowing for trainers to remember names which enhances the member experience and retention. At this point, current members spark conversations, whilst new members can be asked about their goals, any injuries and why they have decided to come to Fitstop. 

We’ve worked hard to foster an environment and session structure that allows members to bond both before and after sessions without wasting any valuable time between sessions from a commercial sense. These dedicated times to mingle as a community is so important as it truly increases the overall morale in the gym. 

Of course, from a building perspective, we’ve ensured that the front desk is at the entry of each location and positioned in a welcoming manner. This may sound simple, but it’s intricate details like this that promote an environment where our members feel welcomed. 

The flow of the session

The Fitstop product team is composed of highly experienced and skilled Personal Trainers with varying backgrounds who create fantastic, evidence-based sessions that follow our unique Fitstop formats - making for challenging yet engaging sessions! Beyond the actual exercise, we have ensured every element of the session is intentional. 

Each location is provided with set music playlists to suit each workout, with the workouts also displayed on the screen for members to view as they prepare for their session. The trainers will then take everyone through a warm up together whilst breaking the ice, then proceed to the session demonstrations with cues. This showcases the trainers expertise which makes members feel confident in their ability to execute the session. Having our trainers demonstrate the workout without the distraction of screens ensures members are focused and ready, whilst reducing the risk of injury. 

This leads to the end of the workout; a unique part of Fitstop is intentionally having everyone start and finish the workout together  - this really hones in on the messaging of being stronger together and ensuring there are no intimidating elements of our sessions such as being left behind. 

Hands on trainers

Providing hands-on support is a vital way to make members feel supported and special in their community. This can be in the form of encouragement to lift heavier in our strength-based session or complete our cardio-based sessions at a higher intensity, or the correction of technique to support the member’s progression. 

We’ve created a culture that focuses on providing positive and constructive feedback as this allows our members to progress, feel connected and truly deliver on our promise of a personalised service in a group setting. 

Focus on teamwork 

No one completes the session feeling like they are alone or that they had no interaction. We consistently feature teamwork in our sessions for a variety of reasons, such as enabling members to form friendships or ‘workout buddies’, to break any social barriers, ensuring no one is left in a station themselves whilst cultivating a supportive environment. Our trainers play a significant hand in connecting members and placing them in groups or partners depending on the session style, whilst always ensuring they are paired with members who are similar in strength to them so everyone gets the most out of their session. 

The fundamental pillars at Fitstop are Community, Performance and Progression - our unique emphasis on teamwork helps achieve every one of these goals. 

Cool down and stretching 

Stretching is beneficial after workouts for obvious reasons, however, we’ve taken it to the next level by centering it around morale and community. 

At Fitstop, we place significant importance on stretching at the end of each session as it provides the opportunity to wind down and for members to connect. Members are able to talk amongst each other, and trainers can talk about upcoming Fitstop Challenges, campaigns or simply what to expect in upcoming sessions. This provides the opportunity for key messages to be relayed in a really organic environment which increases buy in by building trust and rapport. 

The perfect Fitstop session

With our strong internal team and continual technology investments with the Fitstop App, we are constantly finding new ways to innovate our sessions to provide the best member experience possible. Putting our members at the heart of what we do is a vital part of Fitstop, and providing the means for our business owners to do the same has led to great business success. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about the business of Fitstop, our strategies at play and exclusive franchising opportunities, RSVP to our upcoming virtual Franchise Discovery Session to hear directly from Fitstop’s Founder and CEO, Pete Hull, and COO, Alan Myers.