How Fitstop is Geared For International Expansion

How Fitstop is Geared For International Expansion

Fitstop began in humble beginnings when Founder and CEO, Peter Hull, used his passion for health and fitness to open the very first Fitstop gym that operated out of a tin shed. He offered a training formula that was simple, yet effective, attracting a large pool of fitness enthusiasts through an athlete-based program and creating a community like no other. After opening a second location that gained even more traction, it was apparent that this small-town garage gym was ready for something BIGGER, leading to the launch of Fitstop franchising in 2017.

With over 50 locations successfully operating in our network, we’re now showcasing the Fitstop difference on a global scale; our international expansion is kickstarting with the launch of Fitstop New Zealand! Our strategic direction has big plans on the horizon - we’re ready to take the world by storm and become the leading functional fitness brand globally, and we’re in a strong position to achieve this. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should become an International Fitstop Franchise Partner

1. Strength in our business model

Our business model is simple, yet effective, meaning it can be acted on anywhere. It can be undertaken by a hands-on owner operator or as a semi-passive investor who employs a strong team who shares your vision. This is achieved through our significant investment in developing processes, maximising support resources, frequent communication and consistent education opportunities. Our investment in technology enables you to make informed decisions as a data-driven business, meaning you can understand and improve every aspect of your business. 

From a member perspective, we offer an athletic performance-based functional group training class that really stands out to members. The member journey is extremely simple, with no lock-in contracts, the ability to become a member seamlessly through our App and a large variety of session times to take advantage of - we're all about limiting the barriers to attending your location and getting a taste of the Fitstop difference!

2. Group fitness is a global phenomenon

With the backing of a strong business model, you can leverage the global phenomenon that is group fitness. 

At Fitstop, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, but instead, we’ve established ourselves as the home of functional fitness - providing our members with a distinct, high-quality and consistent service. This involves a unique group fitness formula incorporating the fundamentals of cardiovascular fitness and strength training, meaning our members are always progressing and motivated to achieve more. We appeal to a diverse group of individuals who share a common passion for athletic-based training - and we know this is relevant globally. 

3. Investment in an innovative brand

In 2020, we invested in rebranding Fitstop to stand out as leaders in the industry and align with the consumer market. This meant we created a more refined, sleek and memorable branding that really highlighted our difference in being performance based - and of course, standing out in the crowd will create value for you as a new business owner! This strong branding is upheld in every Fitstop location and is designed to catch the public's attention.  

Of course, branding doesn’t only include brand assets such as our logo or physical location. It's how we look, feel and sound, and every single location ensures we're welcoming, passionate, inspirational, performance and progression based. Our true difference is achieved by combining these brand elements with our unique Fitstop communities that you will no doubt create.

4. Customised marketing strategy 

We create a customised launch strategy both for initial market entry of the brand and then for each individual location. With the help of industry experts, we're able to gain key data relating to the demographic metrics of your community and undertake our marketing accordingly. We also consider key trends and communication preferences to ensure the marketing messaging and delivery remains authentic, whilst ensuring any and all marketing content reflects your soon-to-be community.   

5. Significant investment in international expansion 

Our biggest goal is to offer the Fitstop difference to as many people as possible to achieve our mission of inspiring communities of healthier, happier humans. Global expansion is our ticket to achieving this and we've invested substantially so we can do so successfully. This has involved lots of research, engaging key stakeholders in new markets and leaning on experts. 

Your success is our success, and we’re ready to take on international expansion with absolute confidence. 

Are you ready to own your own Fitstop? 

Our business model revolves around maximising value for our members whilst minimising costs for our Business Owners. We achieve this by taking on the heavy lifting of strategic planning, campaign ideation and reinvesting into our business so you and your team can focus on establishing a strong community. This strong business model has prepared us for our international launch, and we've well and truly hit the ground running! 

If you're interested in acting on your passions and welcoming the opportunity to invest in your own  international Fitstop location, please download the info pack at - I’d love to hear from you.