How Fitstop Supports You in Business

How Fitstop Supports You in Business

At Fitstop, we’re big believers in focusing on your strengths and all that they bring to your business, and we’ll help you develop your ‘weaknesses’. Really - everyone has different backgrounds, skills and experience - and this is what makes our incredible communities one-of-a-kind! We never want you to feel like you need to know every single detail and skill about operating a Fitstop location before you’re in the thick of it. We have an epic support team for this very reason!

Let’s get straight into it. Opening a business can be overwhelming. You can come in with a dream and clear vision of your end goal - such as achieving financial freedom, growing your business portfolio or living out of your passions for fitness on a larger scale - yet a lot lies between the journey to get to this end goal. Through our tried and tested support systems, created as a result of a collective 40 + years of industry experience - our support will not only help provide you with the resources and confidence to run your business, but it will help with the creation of a successful business that continually grows!

Let’s take a look into why Fitstop has gained a reputation as the most supportive franchise business!

1. One team, one dream

“We live and breathe this brand like we are a business owner” - Steve Gamble, National Operations Manager

Our incredible team members are just as pumped about Fitstop, our products and our communities that you undoubtedly are as a highly-invested business owner! From our perspective, we get to facilitate the life-changing journey of pushing you to achieve your goals through owning a flourishing, profitable business and dipping your toes into a rewarding lifestyle. Ultimately - this is the bones of Fitstop and continues to be the most fulfilling aspect of our roles - this passion turns into action where we push ourselves (and you) to get those results!

2. Pre-opening

Our pre-opening support has absolutely set us apart. Our goal is to make opening the doors to your business as impactful as possible. This means having early contact with our team members, departmental inductions, a proven organic and paid social media plan, tiered membership releases, access to on-the-ground strategies, product training, how to attract the right members for your team and much more!

The pre-opening goal is to get you into a cash-flow positive position before you even open the doors to your location by making noise in your community!

3. Open day

A little secret about Fitstop - Open Days are our favourite! This day not only celebrates your newfound community, but it’s also an important moment for your members to make sure Fitstop is for them! We’ll be there cheering you on the day whilst also supporting your strategy leading up to open day, on the day, and of course, putting systems in place to continually nurture your members.

From this day - we see it as the start of your business journey and ensure we equip you to continually grow your business.

4. Operational rhythm

At Fitstop, we're all for planning, planning and planning to set ourselves up for success! This logic has inspired our extensive (and beneficial) operational rhythm, where we extensively plan to ensure that no matter what’s going on in our network, you get consistent help. We host monthly tactical meetings, quarterly strategic meetings, a yearly conference, additional opportunities for face-to-face support and product training sessions.

In these sessions, we ensure we discuss strategy, provide performance-driven resources and allow for room for connection and networking. With this operational rhythm, you'll be able to consistently review your own performance and strive towards your next goal as you're held accountable with each and every support session!

5. Data-driven approach to support your business

We don’t just use the term ‘data-driven’ to be trendy. We mean it. In fact, our technology advancements and data-driven initiatives really put us ahead in the fitness franchising industry - and we’re proud of this.

Our business owner dashboard is a tool that allows you to track and understand reasons for growth, pause rates, cancellation and retention rates - as well as identifying opportunities to celebrate member anniversaries, birthdays, support a strong member journey by identifying new members and if they’ve booked and attended their first session. The possibilities are endless and we’re always exploring value-adding metrics to support our Fitstop family!!!

A franchise business that has your back

When investing in your future and buying a franchise business, support is one of the most important aspects to consider. Of course, the brand, reputation and product-market fit are important like in any business - the support provided is what sets you apart from the others.

In an industry that often shies away from the extent of support provided - we believe being transparent about the support we give is important for you to decide if investing in Fitstop is the right next step for you! If you have any questions or would like to discuss our current opportunities, please reach out at