How to Avoid Mid-Series Fatigue

How to Avoid Mid-Series Fatigue

We’ve all been there - starting a Series super motivated and energised, then reality kicks in and you realise it’s, well, hard. It takes commitment, extra accountability and of course, completing some next-level sessions! The easy option when you start pushing outside of your comfort zone is to give up and maybe try again for the next Series, but the magic truly happens when you learn to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable!

During these times, the important part is recognising your actual limits and focusing on what is a sustainable routine for you that will still get you the results you are looking for!

So, here’s our top 5 tips to avoid the mid-series fatigue 


1. Motivation changes, but a Series means consistency + discipline

We want you to create LONG TERM habits and become a Fitstopper for life! This means each round of the Unstoppable Series is an opportunity for you to build on what you nailed in the previous round! Consistency over time is key, so rather than going all in and then dropping the ball, focus on the small steps you are taking every single day to improve your lifestyle!

HOT TIP: Use discipline to guide your behaviour instead of motivation. Motivation comes and goes, but discipline will help ensure your behaviour becomes habits, even on the days you aren’t feeling motivated. 

2. Focus on the brilliant basics 

As humans, we like to overcomplicate. The Series is designed with simplicity and the brilliant basics in mind - if you’re not achieving the basics each week, sometimes it means we need to simplify our life! Lean on your community for inspiration and make sure you hit your minimum number of sessions, eat high-quality food, sleep, hydrate and complete the rules of the game each week. 

HOT TIP: Celebrate the weeks you manage to complete everything! Reassess and reflect when you don’t + take action for the next week!

3. “Go hard or go home” is not a sustainable mindset

We are not perfect and some weeks do not go to plan. Keep in mind that doing SOMETHING is better than doing NOTHING - there will always be weeks when this is okay. Let’s shift the mindset from “go hard or go home” to thinking about what small changes you can make to help you achieve your goals! For example, do 1 more session this week, cut back (not cut out) alcohol for the weekend, eat home-cooked meals for every dinner or go for a walk each day. This coupled with consistent Fitstop training is a recipe for success. 

HOT TIP: To identify when you might be falling into the “go hard or go home” mindset, think about the following:

  1. Has your enjoyment of training decreased?
  2. Are you sacrificing too much out of other elements of your lifestyle?
  3. Is your body feeling fatigued?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, it might be time to take a rest day and lower your expectations for a day or 2! 

4. If you do feel fatigued, identify possible causes

Are you eating all your meals? Are you allowing enough recovery time for your body between sessions? Are you focused on QUALITY sessions that suit your goals rather than just training as much as you can in 6 weeks? It might be time for a rest day or even something as simple as changing the time of day you train!

HOT TIP: Try to have a piece of fruit 30 mins before training + make sure you are having a meal within 1 hour of a session to ensure you are fuelled and recovering properly!

5. Reassess your goals 

Week 3 means we’re just about halfway through and it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past few weeks and reassess your goals! Ask yourself the following question:

  • Do they truly mean something to you? 
  • Have you taken any small steps towards achieving them?
  • Have you already hit some goals and you need to change them up? 

Sometimes, we can feel disheartened when we don’t achieve our goals, but it is important to understand WHY we set them in the first place! 

HOT TIP: Write down your goals + the daily steps you need to take to reach them! Tick those daily steps off and CELEBRATE THE WINS!

Fitstoppers, you've got this! 

Sometimes moments will push you, but we believe in each and every one of you! If you need extra accountability tips, motivation or you just want insight into our global community - make sure you follow @fitstopfitness on Instagram!