How to THRIVE in Each Fitstop Session

How to THRIVE in Each Fitstop Session

At Fitstop, our mission is to inspire people to move more to live more. Our unique, athlete-inspired, strength and conditioning program is a fitness fusion of strength, metabolic conditioning and endurance. To us, a balanced training program is important for longevity and results, which is why we train at different intensities throughout the week through our LIFT, PERFORM, CONDITION and SWEAT sessions.



Lift is our strength based session. When heading into a lift session, it's important to understand the main intention is to build strength overtime and improve the quality of your movement patterns. When tackling a lift session, remember to prioritise technique before load, control the speed at which you are lifting and utilise the programmed rest periods to get the most out of each set. Strength training is extremely important to include in your weekly training routine to build a more resilient body, increase muscle and feel stronger in everyday life. ‍


Perform is our metabolic conditioning based session. Metabolic conditioning means you will be lifting weights but also working through some high intensity intervals to get the heart rate up. Throughout the program, you will experience a lot of variety through perform sessions with different intensities and different formats. When completing a perform session it is important to remember the goal is to challenge your body by incorporating different loads and intensities in order to build strength AND fitness.


Condition is our endurance based session. This means you will be working for a longer period of time, lifting lighter weights, but keeping your work rate and heart rate higher for the duration of the session. When completing a condition session, it's important to remember to pace yourself through it, choose a level appropriate to your current fitness level and enjoy the sweaty, endorphin rush post session!


A Fitstop sweat session is our community based session held every Saturday morning! This session will include elements of lift, perform and condition to kick start your weekend the best way. Sweat sessions will generally involve teamwork or a target to strive for, making them a great way to balance out the week of training and train with your buddies!

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