How to THRIVE in Each Fitstop Session

How to THRIVE in Each Fitstop Session

Have you ever been in a Condition session and gone way too hard? Or maybe, you’ve walked out thinking it was a breeze. Maybe you’re feeling the burn in Lift sessions but are also wondering if at your level, you should be taking it further? 

Basically, no matter your goal, we want to help you get the absolute most out of every Fitstop session so you can leave being happier, healthier and having unleashed your inner-athlete, whatever that means to you.

It goes without saying that there’s no one-size-fits all approach. However, all of our sessions are created for Fitstoppers, by Fitstoppers - so we’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeves. 



The session. Our LIFT sessions are programmed using elements of progressive overload and functional strength. Expect compound lifts, isolated exercises, stability and mobility to promote an improved quality of movement and overall muscle development. Feel stronger, look leaner and move better.  

Our top tip. “Lift sessions are awesome to build strength and get a consistent burn throughout the body. At Fitstop we always want to leave with a sweat. The best way to do this during a lift session is to focus on the main movements you want to progress on e.g. Back Squat and Bench Press. For example with back squats, focus on moving the weight correctly with great form and then progress with a weight that pushes you to complete the set reps. If you finish the movement and don’t feel a sense of achievement from it, progress the weight.


The session. PERFORM is programmed to take your athletic performance to the next level. Through the inclusion of compound lifts, explosive movements, fast intervals and full-body burners, you will increase both your anaerobic and aerobic capacity. Expect to work with intensity, push your limits and unleash your inner athlete.

Our top tip.Perform is always about moving weight with intensity, you should feel a higher heart rate than during a Lift session but not be gasping for air like we sometimes do in a condition. Think about maintaining a heavy load while moving efficiently”     


The session. CONDITION sessions are programmed to put your cardiovascular and muscular endurance to the ultimate test. Expect a variety of full-body conditioning, high-intensity exercises that will keep your heart rate high for an extended period of time and push your limits both mentally and physically!

Our top tip. “Conditions are super hard work… if done incorrectly. Attack your condition session at a pace you can maintain. We’ve all been there before, you go as fast as you can at the start then 10 minutes later you’re breathing in the big ones. It happens… to progress, pull back the intensity and focus on not hitting your threshold too early. Trust me, it will be game-changing!”


The session. Saturday SWEAT is a time to rally your teammates and put your performance to the test. Work towards a target, share your results and start your weekend training hard with your fellow Fitstoppers!

Our top tip. “Get excited with Sweat, you never know what session you’ll be doing but, at least you know you’ll be doing it with your friends. Listen to your trainer run you through your session and position your team where you’d like to start first. I always start with the hardest station first or finish with it last, as having either of these as a strategy really helps to manage your tempo so you can perform your best” 


So, there you have it. It’s important for you to thrive in every Fitstop session to get the most out of our athlete-inspired training! Our training focuses on strength, endurance and metabolic conditioning so that you can have a really well-rounded training formula that boosts your performance and results like no other. We’re all at different fitness levels, so we encourage you to action these tips instead of focusing on what others are doing. 

Our final piece of advice for you is to reach out to your awesome trainers for that extra bit of guidance in your training. Let’s book those sessions and level up our training together!