Sneak Peek Into A Fitstop Open Day

Sneak Peek Into A Fitstop Open Day

As a Fitstop business owner, the day you officially open the doors to your business will be something you’ll remember forever. Your hard work is rewarded as you see your community come together, smashing out Fitstop sessions and experiencing the atmosphere of their new second home. You get to see your team motivated as they support your members and make strong, lasting first impressions. This is the day where your investment becomes financially rewarded, too. 

Open days are also a crowd favourite for Fitstop HQ. With so many of our team members working with our business owners to support an incredible opening, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing our business owners' Fitstop journey really take off and knowing we had a helping hand in this! 

Really, your open day highlights the power of community and is the foundation of success for your new business. At Fitstop, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the strategy of our open day and why they are really an all round highlight for everyone in our network! 

Take A Look Into A Fitstop Open Day!

At the centre of our open days is the purpose to celebrate our newly-formed communities. We want to welcome your new members, create hype in the market and join forces with key players in your local community to ensure that the opening of Fitstop is highly awaited! We’re known to be especially loud and proud in the market when it comes to our open days and the results speak for themselves by making us stand out with no soft launches or slow burns - you’ll know we’re here and we mean business. 

Your open day will see lots of people trying Fitstop for the first time, meaning, it’s our goal to get as many people through the doors as possible to really establish the footprint of your community. Most importantly, our open day highlights to the community exactly what they can expect from Fitstop - including the training style, team support and your commitment to them. 

The Strategy 

The format of our open day sessions provide a teaser of the exercises and training styles that are true to Fitstop. This involves a session that pushes the limits in a competitive environment as well as lots of teamwork! 

When it comes to the exercises themselves, we want to showcase that Fitstop is the perfect place for performance-based, athlete-inspired individuals who we inevitably attract. We select exercises that allow our trainers to demonstrate their expertise and member support that speak volumes to the progressive training of Fitstop. Of course, our open days provide a fantastic opportunity for our business owners to connect with their community, furthering the personalised setting whilst making members realise they are supporting small business owners - making them feel even more emotionally invested in their community! 

Have you been to a Fitstop open day? 

The best way to get a true feel for Fitstop is to come along to one of our epic Fitstop opening days! Make sure you follow @fitstopfitness to stay up to date with our openings, or please reach out at to find a Fitstop open day coming to you soon!