Introducing Fitstop New Zealand’s General Manager!

Introducing Fitstop New Zealand’s General Manager!

When we announced our first international Fitstop location in New Zealand, we were overwhelmed by the excitement and support as it just seems Fitstop was born for New Zealand. Why? With our genuinely team-based, athlete-inspired training, our product appealed to the masses of everyday athletes in the driven New Zealand market. But since opening, perhaps the biggest appeal of Fitstop is that we celebrate and support each and every community - Fitstop is what brings them together.  

Well, we’re proud to announce our New Zealand General Manager, Brendan Hurrell, who will be absolutely integral to Fitstop’s member and business owner community. With his industry expertise, connections and alignment to the brand, Brendan means serious business and is an absolute Fitstopper to the core - we hope you enjoy this interview with him!

1. What is your background, and how did this lead you to Fitstop?

I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. I started as a personal trainer with the ambition of one day becoming a high-performance strength and conditioning coach. I soon became more intrigued by the day-to-day operational runnings of a fitness facility and people management. This led me on a management journey that allowed me to work alongside some of the world's largest and most renowned fitness brands. I held a senior sales role with Les Mills, New Zealand, then became a club manager for Snap fitness in 2013, then stepped into a Regional Manager position in the same year. I was then appointed General Manager for Snap Fitness McCarthy Group in 2014, which had five open facilities. Between 2013 - 2022, I helped establish and drive the performance of 14 Snap Fitness 24/7 clubs in the Auckland region. 

Fitstop allows me the opportunity to combine my love for athletic-based training, as well as using the knowledge and experience I've gained over the years to help support business owners to deliver an amazing product and grow successful businesses. 

2. Why Fitstop?

I come from a high-performance sports background and have experienced first-hand the positive impacts, both physically and mentally, that athletic-based training can have. So, ‘why Fitstop’ was easy for me. I was instantly drawn to the Fitstop formula, variety and approach to programming.  

I have always had a passion for athletic-based training. I am a true believer that athletic-based training has huge benefits. It allows you to build the fundamentals of strength and cardiovascular endurance training gradually, and improves agility, flexibility and injury prevention. More importantly, it gives you the knowledge and foundation to improve skills, motivation and confidence to achieve long-term success.  

The Fitstop Formula is aligned with my values and the way I like to train. More importantly, combine that with an environment that is built around community and culture, which helps drive accountability and motivation. I had no doubt's about joining the Fitstop team.

3. What impact are you looking to make at Fitstop? 

Fitstop allows me to use my love for athletic-based training to empower business owners and members to find that passion for health and well-being again. I want to build a community and culture that is built around a sense of belonging, accountability and an ethos that we work TOGETHER - making real, positive and meaningful impacts in their lives and their communities across New Zealand. 

4. What are you most excited about for Fitstop New Zealand?

I am most excited about the opportunity to connect, grow and support business owners all over New Zealand with their dream of owning their own Fitstop business. I’m also excited to give them the tools and resources to help make positive changes and impacts in their communities so they can change their community’s (and their own) lives.  

5. Why do you move more to live more?

I move more for my Whanau (family) and more importantly my children. That is my WHY and the driving force that empowers me to be a better father to my children. I want to lead by example and educate them on the importance of being active and investing in themselves for their own mental health and well-being. Also, the positive impact, relationships and connections they can make with others around them through sports or being active. 

6. Brendan, what’s your favourite Fitstop session?

‍LIFT is my favourite session. It has the perfect mix of compound movements that help me develop strength, mobility and muscle development while still feeling like I have increased my heart rate and cardiovascular endurance. It reminds me a lot of the high-performance rugby sessions we did in Otago.

7. What is your message to anyone interested in being part of Fitstop New Zealand?

If you want to be a part of a fitness brand that truly believes in being game changers and innovators in the fitness industry, where we will inspire and educate our members and business owners to make a positive and meaningful impact in their communities, then NOW is the time to join the Fitstop family to make your mark. Together, we can help real people, get real results. 


Brendan’s next steps are all about growing Fitstop New Zealand and widening our impact. If you’re interested in owning your Fitstop and making a genuine social impact in your own community, there’s no better time than now. With Brendan as your key support and high touch points with the HQ team, we’re here to help you create a sustainable and thriving fitness business. 

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