Introducing Fitstop North America’s Founding Team

Introducing Fitstop North America’s Founding Team

Championship winning team - so important to create the legacy as we launch into a brand new country, whilst working closely with FItstop HQ to keep that magic.

When launching a business into a new country, it’s so important to have a championship winning team supporting this journey. For Fitstop, we’re fortunate to not only have this team leading the way in Australia, but now, our USA team who are here to create a legacy as we show the rest of the world what the Fitstop difference is all about.

We’re proud to introduce our key players to see the launch of Fitstop USA - Stewart Gill, Peter Pisani and Katie Auerbach! This team has a passion like no other to bring Fitstop’s vision to life in the USA and be part of the journey to see our first USA business owners open the doors to their community!

Peter Pisani - Athletic Director North America

What’s your background?

I’ve had over 15 years of industry experience as a fitness trainer. My previous roles include being the Head of Fitness at FIIT and Athletic Director for F45 Training. I also owned and operated my own CrossFit gym in San Diego. Throughout these roles in my career, I’ve gained valuable experience in developing and leading innovative fitness programs, helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals and managing fitness teams which I’ve loved bringing to Fitstop.

How did you come across Fitstop?

I first heard about Fitstop when Peter Hull slid into my DM’s - and all I could think was, “not another Australian Fitness Franchise”, but as I reached out to my network, they had nothing but incredible things to say about the product and the operations.

My first impression took me all the way back to junior college football. It reminded me of what I fell in love with - the journey and the process of becoming better for my sport. The process or work that brought us all together as a team, shared suffering, motivating, spotting, encouraging, and a splash of competition. Fitstop took me right back to my college weight room - feeding off that energy that surrounded the room when my entire team/community were getting better as a unit, and then applying that to our sport.

Now how does that relate to the masses? Same application, different outcome. Focused effort for 50 minutes a day, 3+ times a week, and then applying it to life. We’re just now giving that process to the everyday athlete.

What are you most excited for the future of Fitstop in North America?

For me one of the most exciting aspects of bringing Fitstop to the North American market is the opportunity to introduce something fresh and different. There really isn't a product like Fitstop currently in the market. I feel like the industry is looking for something unique and innovative, and I personally believe that Fitstop is that offering. We also have the chance to make a massive impact:

What has been a memorable moment at Fitstop for you?

Opening day here in Santa Monica, and meeting the Australian team!

Katie Auerbach - Community Marketing Coordinator

What’s your background?

Prior to Fitstop, I owned a bakery for 7 years that specialized in making custom decorated cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. I have always been artistic and loved being able to bring my creative side to life through desserts and being part so many peoples important days.

I also grew up playing team sports including basketball, indoor volleyball, and 12 years in an all-boys baseball league. My love for sports has so much to do with the team aspects—I love bonding with like-minded people and creating community around activity and shared Interests. The combination of my love for being creative and building community is why I was made for my role at Fitstop as the Community Marketing Coordinator. 

How did you come across Fitstop?

I connected with Jamison Bolt of LSKD through team workouts. I had mentioned to Jamison that I was passionate about health and fitness and looking to transition into a career in that area - then I heard about Fitstop.

When first meeting the team, within the first 10 minutes of our conversation, I absolutely fell in love with Fitstop. It is impossible not to be excited about what the Fitstop team is creating. The passion and love from the inside of Fitstop is contagious.

I grew up playing sports, so I’ve always loved the idea of group training. However, after years of trying different classes I had always felt that group fitness was missing two things—a real team dynamic and the ability lift heavy/ progress to my full potential.

What are you most excited for the future of Fitstop in North America?

I’m looking forward to getting people as excited about Fitstop as I am! My focus , for now, is to ensure that Fitstop has the same level of brand awareness in the US as it does in Australia and to create a community of people who are excited to move more to live more!

Why is Fitstop born for the USA?

I think the fact that every activation day in the US so far has been a completely booked-out session speaks to the fact that there is a need for Fitstop in the market and that Fitstop will make itself a permanent home in the US. The US is a result-driven community of people who love to be challenged, progress, connect, and stay active and young!

Want to know more about Fitstop’s journey to date?

Make sure you follow Fitstop’s LinkedIn account for regular updates on our team, openings and milestones!