Introducing Fitstop’s USA Activation Space

Introducing Fitstop’s USA Activation Space

The countdown is finally over! Fitstop USA HQ and activation space have officially opened their doors. We’re so excited to see Fitstop’s performance-based training come to life in the states, and for our new wave of Fitstoppers to find their home of functional fitness.  


We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create leading systems and structures for Fitstop to launch in the USA. With the guidance of our incredible Fitstop North America team, including Stewert Gill as our Vice President and Pete Pisani as our Athletic Director, we’ve been fortunate to learn from the best of the best in bringing our product to America, and making a meaningful impact whilst doing so.

Our biggest priority in LA has been creating a strong foundation in our activation and HQ space. This space will be used to activate the community through free Saturday Sweat sessions hosted by none other than Pete Pisani, as well as induction training for new business owners and teams. 


Induction Training for New Business Owners

Every Fitstop business owner and their teams will attend induction training at our Santa Monica HQ. Why? Because we’re committed to setting you and your team up for success by providing the crucial knowledge, systems and processes to drive success in growing your local community.

From detailed insight into our marketing strategy, product training, the perfect Fitstop session, and acquisition and retention strategies - this immersion in all things Fitstop will set you up for success from the get-go.

Activation Space for Community Sessions

Our activation space will be the hub of our community. We will be hosting free Saturday Sweat sessions with Athletic Director, Pete Pisani, providing an opportunity for the local community to experience the epic community, engagement and athlete-inspired training that sets us apart.

These sessions are designed to engage our future Fitstoppers, and get the wider network talking whilst giving back to our community through health and fitness.

Creating a Support Team

Fitstop is dedicated to providing the best-in-market support to our business owners and your communities. A key part of support is having the right people, processes and systems from the onset, which is why we already have a passionate team behind Fitstop’s vision, including Stewert Gill as Vice President and Pete Pisani as Athletic Director.

This team will provide guidance, support, and mentorship to our new business owners as well as having direct support from our global Fitstop HQ.


You can follow Fitstop on LinkedIn for all updates on Fitstop USA and follow along with Fitstop Santa Monica to book a Saturday session and experience the Fitstop difference for yourself.

We're a brand built on performance, experience, education, and community, and we can't wait to share this passion with LA and beyond. Get ready to experience the future of functional fitness!