Introducing the Fitstop Formula

Introducing the Fitstop Formula

We've been working hard behind the scenes to refine all that Fitstop has to offer. At the centre of this was a simple question - what would help you, our avid Fitstoppers, get the most out of your journey with us? We started to unpack this and we realised - you’re unique. You have an athlete-driven mindset, you thrive off of competing with your community in sessions but you’re equally willing to offer a hand to support. Really, we’re proud to have Fitstoppers who are everyday athletes and are constantly wanting the very best from themselves - so, it’s our job to go above and beyond to support this.

At Fitstop, we’re the home of functional fitness. We’re proud to announce the release of our new, game-changing Fitstop Formula - a fitness fusion, where we LIFT, PERFORM, CONDITION and SWEAT.

The Fitstop Formula came about from an integrated approach to fitness, where we wanted to take into consideration all components of fitness in order to pursue personal performance and progression. By having a well-rounded formula, we’re ensuring you can truly stop at nothing and unleash your limitless potential like never before.



A true fitness fusion, each session ensures you are hitting varying levels of strength, endurance and metabolic conditioning to promote your abilities as a well-rounded athlete. Most excitingly, our sessions will each be 50 minutes long with 36 minutes of working time, meaning you’ll show up, work as hard as possible and finish your session on an absolute high! We know that Fitstopppers train with purpose - we can’t wait to support you and see this in action!