Leading Business Support with Fitstop’s Induction Days

Leading Business Support with Fitstop’s Induction Days

One of the most common questions we get (and rightly so), is how will you support my success when opening my Fitstop location? Those early stages as a business owner are some of the most important as they set the tone for your business and influence the foundation of your community.

Here’s where we introduce Fitstop’s Business Induction days. These events are all about bringing Fitstop's DNA, product, marketing and operations to life to set you up for success before you open the doors to your business, your community.

Here’s how Fitstop’s product induction training days will set you up for success.

1. Fitstop’s DNA

At the heart of Fitstop is a set of values that define who we are as a company. It’s super important that our business owners and trainers are introduced to these values as they reflect the behaviour to drive success. Through our brand DNA of Performance, Experience, Education and Community, we help you and your team live and breathe them daily when servicing and growing your community.

This helps to create a strong sense of purpose and a shared mission for your team, and put simply, it’s what Fitstop’s lives by and how we stand out from the crowd as a values-led, community-driven business. 

2. Marketing

It’s so important to create a connection with the wider community and future Fitstoppers to earn trust, especially in your early days. During induction training days, you can understand your role to play in Fitstop’s comprehensive marketing strategy and how you can utilisie our resources, brand pull and data-driven learning to deliver a unique and personalised experience to every single Fitstopper.

This includes everything from our lived and learned organic social media strategies, our brand tone, lead generation, brand standards, campaigns, marketing tools and leveraging business-to-business relationships.

3. Inspire an Athlete Mindset

Having an athlete mindset is a big part of Fitstop’s culture. It’s all about being dedicated, disciplined, and having a growth-oriented attitude where we stop at nothing to achieve our goals and make meaningful impacts in peoples’ lives.

This is a focus in every aspect of our induction days; through being equipped with marketing, operations, your financials, programming and experience execution, you (and equally as important, your team) are able to be relentless to chase and hunt results with a clear strategy in place. 

4. Perfect Session

When it comes to delivering the best possible experience to customers, it's all about consistency and caring about the small details. During product induction training days, our teams are trained on how to create the perfect session, from the way they greet members, explain the session, cool down post-session and communicate to Fitstoppers.

As an experience-led business, executing on the perfect session has been game-changing to not only set us apart in market, but leave our Fitstoppers always wanting more. That’s why we host Product Refreshers every quarter as we know we can always progress our knowledge and skill set to be 1% better.


5. Creating a Championship-Winning Team

Fitstop's product induction training days are all about building a championship winning team. By bringing together our business owners and their founding teams who share the same values, vision, and mission, we’re ensuring that everyone coming into Fitstop creates a positive effect on the entire network. Through these events, you’re given the tools and training to hit the ground running and grow your business.

A true partnership: our success is your success

Fitstop’s product induction training days are a fun and informative way to learn about the company, its values, and its mission, and your role to play in leveraging all we have to offer to create a life-changing business. They help to create a strong sense of purpose and a shared mission among your team with adopting an athlete mindset always at the forefront. By focusing on the small details and creating a championship-winning team, Fitstop is able to deliver a high-quality customer experience and promote healthy habits.

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