Millennials and Fitness: A Recipe for Success

Millennials and Fitness: A Recipe for Success

We’ve got some very important questions to ask. What sort of milk (or should we say mylk) do you have in your coffee? Better yet, have you fallen into the matcha latte on oat milk trend? Perhaps avocado on toast is your go-to at your ritual weekend brunch. Our point is, we’re in the era of the Millennials. Whether you’re a Millennial or not, you can’t deny that they have a stronghold over our culture, trends and of course, the economy. Millennials are possibly the fitness industry’s biggest opportunity, and the best part is, they represent a lot of our Fitstoppers. 

Who is Fitstopper? A Fitstopper is an everyday athlete. They’ve often grown up playing sports or living an active lifestyle, and may have lost their way or are simply ambitious and want to know “what’s next?”. They’re looking to level up performance, feel confident and find their second home. Often, this means our Fitstoppers are 25-32-year-old Males and Females, AKA, Millennials. 

Understanding how Millennials interact with fitness is essential if you want to open your own fitness franchise… 

They’re serious about exercising 

For Millennials, exercise and general wellness is a massive priority. It’s an absolute non-negotiable, made only more clear during Covid-19. We mean it - 81% of Millennials are exercising which is a trend that is almost unheard of (Nielen, 2021). What this means for fitness businesses like Fitstop is we know so many people are exercising, so it’s our job to show why exercising at Fitstop is the right fit. It’s no longer about encouraging people to simply exercise as a way to generate membership, but it’s about connecting with a brand, and For Fitstop, that’s huge. 

Priorities are changing 

So, Millennials are exercising more, but fitness and wellness go beyond just exercising. Millennials are eating smarter and they’re smoking and drinking less than previous generations. They go out of their way to spend on up-and-coming products like alternative milk, green juices, smoothie bowls and of course, gym memberships. 

As a whole, wellness is not only a daily, active pursuit to maximise their lifestyle, but it’s a space they absolutely prioritise and are willing to spend more money on brands they find compelling. Fitstop has acted on this; we’ve been working hard to make our position as the home of functional fitness known, and really crafting a brand known and loved in the fitness community. We don’t know about you, but with our strong community, strong brand and product-to-market fit - we’re really standing out from the crowd. 

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Millennials are at the forefront of technology (along with Gen z, too) 

Millennials are key drivers behind technology and they actually demand high-quality tech products, too. In the fitness space, this translates to desiring tech personalisation and creating a strong online AND offline experience. 

Let’s take it back to when wearables first started taking over the fitness industry. Members would use their watches so often that our trainers started queuing the entire class on when to start their workout on their watches. So at Fitstop, we’re all about leaning into this technology opportunity and market, ensuring a strong product-to-market fit. We’re doing this through our custom-built Fitstop App which guides our Fitstopper’s entire experience through session booking, performance metrics and benchmarking, a nutrition guide and SO much more (hint: one-of-a-kind wearables are DEFINITELY in the picture). 

We’re future-proofing Fitstop (and always have Millennials in mind) 

Of course, Millennials are one of our biggest opportunities to attract and make Fitstoppers for life. But it’s also important to look at other demographics too and ensure no matter what, we’re future-proofing our brand. 

A part of future-proofing ensures creating strong campaigns, systems and processes, whilst making sure satisfying the needs and wants of our Fitstoppers is number one. But really, it also comes down to making sure that people feel like Fitstop is their second home. It’s about ensuring that they cannot imagine their life outside of Fitstop because it has had such a huge impact. We do this through our product, our culture, and our teams; we genuinely show up for each and every member. 

The results speak for themselves… 

“I feel like I have found my fitness home”  

“I’m feeling awesome since I became a Fitstopper”

“The community motivates me but also makes me feel accountable”

“Fitstop far exceeded my expectations. Such a great vibe, the training is everything I need and I’m feeling better for it!

Want to find out more about how Fitstop fits into the current economy? 

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