Taking Fitstop's Brand to the Next Level

Taking Fitstop's Brand to the Next Level

Fitstop’s brand represents everything we stand for. More than our product offering, more than the support in our franchise system, Fitstop is the Home Of Functional Fitness. As a brand, we’re all about passion, performance, education, experience and community. These values make for our reputation, they shape the look and feel of every Fitstop location and they’re the driving force behind our actions at HQ. 

You might be wondering just how much work goes into shaping a brand? We want to show you exactly why Fitstop's brand is changing the game in health and fitness. 

1. Investment in our rebrand

Fitstop's brand: Then to now
Fitstop's brand: Then to now

Let’s start right at the basics. In 2020, Fitstop undertook a rebrand to make sure what we wanted to be known for and what we looked like aligned. A brand is so much more than a logo or physical features, but starting here was the perfect opportunity to make a sleek, high-performance brand that was both memorable and desirable. 

Whether it’s our Fitstop locations, our social media accounts or Fitstop apparel - we’ve focused on consistency and quality - really emphasising our ability to exceed the standards as a premium boutique fitness brand! 

2. Fitstop Super Bowl Commercial 2022 

If this doesn’t make you excited for all things Fitstop, then I don’t know what will! We’re serious about investing in our brand and in things that go against the grain of the fitness industry or what would be expected at our level. Basically, we’re not here to play small! 

We secured our first TV commercial which ran on Channel 7 throughout the live streaming of the infamous Super Bowl event, and we also landed slots throughout the Winter Olympics coverage. 

It’s in the little things and the big things  - everything is designed for impact. To get positive attention. To make noise, yet equally, have a strong, impressive and desirable brand to always come back to. 

3. One of a kind partnerships! 

You now know we like to shake things up and our partnerships are no different - here are just a few of our proudest moments: 

  • Collaborated with the hugely successful LSKD to create a capsule Fitstop collection
  • Partnership with the Gold Coast Titans, creating a very unique Fitstop x Titans High Performance Training Facility 
  • Launched a collaboration with CoolCabana to showcase the true Fitstopper that plays hard through the week and relaxes on the weekend
  • Teamed up with influential people including former Wallabies star Dane Haylett-Petty and former All Blacks player Brendon Leonard, and everyday athletes! 

4. Sleek, memorable designs 

Gone are the days of looking at each Fitstop location account where they look like completely different brands. We consistently create sharp and professional branded designs which allows our business owners to benefit from brand consistency yet also allowing customisation for their unique community to shine through. 

With a strong, collective brand, our business owners can focus on what matters most - creating and nurturing their one-of-a-kind communities! 

Follow @fitstopfitness to see the impact we’re making through our commitment to be on the pulse with valuable trends, member engagement and creating content we know speaks to our members! 

5. Strong campaign schedule 

We know this may not spark your interest in the way the words ‘campaign’ or ‘schedule’ lights up our Marketing team, but at the heart of it, our campaigns ensure that our members are getting the absolute most out of their experience through various value-adds (like our all-inclusive Unstopabble Series).  Likewise, they ensure our business owners have plenty of unique opportunities to attract new members and continually push towards new goals! 

6. Exciting events! 

We love a good event here at Fitstop! Every single location hosts ‘Game Day’, a 4 x yearly epic end to the Unstoppable Series where your entire community chooses to play or compete in a gruelling Fitstop session. This is a huge opportunity to show everyone what Fitstop is about whilst making the day extra special so members always look forward to it! 

We also host bigger events, like our Fitstop’s Biggest Bootcamp - Perth, where we bought together the wider Perth community for a Fitstop session the beach to celebrate the growth of our WA family! With business owners, HQ members, local heroes and of course, our proud Fitstoppers attending - we can’t wait for more of these in the future (stay tuned!). 

7. Proud to promote 

At the end of the day, everything we do at Fitstop and everyone in the Fitstop network, impacts our brand. When thinking of a new strategy or initiative, we always ask - would we want to promote this ourselves? Are our business owners busting at the seems with excitement when we mention new product releases? Are our members re-sharing themselves completing a Fitstop session? 

Our expectation, and our promise, is that we want this answers to always be yes. Yes, our community of Fitstoppers are proud to promote our brand without ever being told to do so. 

The Fitstop Difference 

What’s next for Fitstop? As always, we’ve got exciting events up our sleeves. International launch plans, further product releases, exciting trialling campaigns and new, impressionable faces into the Fitstop family - we’ve got it all going on! 

Has something here sparked your interest and you want to chat with our team? Reach out to franchise.enquiry@fitstop.com to talk all things your future and Fitstop!