The Benefits of Following a Progressive Program

The Benefits of Following a Progressive Program

Have you ever felt stuck in your training? Perhaps you have felt burnt out and like your performance has plateaued. You felt like you were making some great changes physically and mentally and now suddenly, you’re working twice as hard without the results.

This is a common occurrence especially in the current fitness world as many misconceptions lead us to believe that we need to train at a high intensity every single day or perhaps leave us feeling guilty for having a rest day. Basically, quite often people are told to do “more” in the sense of attendance without considering that “more” should equate to doing more in a session to progress performance.

The Athlete-Inspired Fitstop Program ensures personalised progression is at the heart of all training - so it is our goal to help you understand what this means and how we can help you.

How the Fitstop Program supports progression


(noun) the process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state

Progressive training encompasses movements and workout routines that allow for improvement at every stage. It’s a fundamental aspect of the Fitstop program as it comes from the notion that we can always improve our performance and reach our limitless potential. As humans, our bodies are programmed to quickly learn and adapt to new stimulus, which is an important consideration when we talk about constant progression.

The Fitstop Program is designed to build to a testing period, from which members can set a baseline to work from. This is extremely important to us to ensure members are applying the correct amount of stimulus and stress to their bodies, in order to progress. Throughout the block, core movements are repeated to ensure members move well, however the load and volume will change in order to avoid plateau.

Progression is integral to seeing results and is a core driver behind Fitstop’s methodology, and here are a few tips to help you navigate the Fitstop program in order to achieve your goals.

1. Set your goals

We understand that every Fitstop members has a different goal, and that's okay! If your goal is to build STRENGTH - ensure you are attending 2 x lift sessions and at least 1 x perform every week . If your goal is to improve your FITNESS - ensure you are attending 1 x condition, 1 x perform and 1 x lift every week PLUS try to get an outdoor run, walk, swim or cycle session done. If your goal is to build a healthy routine - ensure you attend a minimum of 3 x sessions every week and make this work for your schedule.

2. How to avoid plateaus in training AND motivation

We recognise that it’s one thing to say it’s important to always strive for progression, however, finding the motivation to do this can be tough. The Fitstop Unstoppable Series falls as we start to increase the load and intensity in our program towards testing and Game Day, and incorporates result tracking and a tested training structure for progression, whilst the support from your trainers and community keep you accountable and incredibly motivated.

The time frame of 6 weeks is also realistic to maintain both motivation and commitment, whilst also experiencing sustainable results.

3. More in tune with your body

As there’s a lot of time spent on tracking your progress, you will become increasingly aware of how your body performs and feels in circumstances. You may have lifted a heavier deadlift in the afternoon after a nutritious day of eating, or perhaps you run faster in the morning only if you have had a full night of rest.

Being able to reflect on your own individual performance and progression, plus gain an understanding of what your body needs to hit your peak performance is extremely important to us at Fitstop so you can continue to achieve your health and fitness goals!