The Benefits of Progressive Training

The Benefits of Progressive Training

Have you ever felt stuck in your training? Perhaps you have felt burnt out and like your performance has plateaued. You felt like you were making some great changes physically and mentally and now suddenly, you’re working twice as hard without the results. 

This is a common occurrence especially in the current fitness world as many misconceptions lead us to believe that we need to train every single day or perhaps leave us feeling bad for having a rest day; your training is defined by the energy you expend in each session without considering aspects that progress performance. Basically, members are told to do “more” in the sense of attendance without considering that “more”  should equate to doing more in a session to progress performance. 

The Fitstop Formula and the Fitstop Challenge ensures progression is at the heart of all training - so we think it’s pretty important you understand exactly what progression in training is and how it can elevate your performance.

What is progressive performance/training? 



(noun) the process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state

Progressive training encompasses movements and workout routines that allow for improvement at every stage. It’s a fundamental aspect of the Fitstop Challenge as it comes from the notion that we can always improve our performance and reach our limitless potential. Our bodies learn and adapt when completing exercises over and over again, so without the capabilities to lift heavier or improve performance in some way, we quickly become accustomed to the training and this is when performance plateaus. 

You may remember the first couple of times you started doing deadlifts and were slightly confused about form and weight levels. You may have started to try and perfect technique and lift a comfortable weight. Two weeks later you may attempt more, then the following week adding more again; you may have been sticking to the Fitstop Formula and can deadlift 5-10kg more than when you started with ease. Now, imagine if week in and out you kept lifting the same starting weight. You miss the opportunity to challenge yourself, lift heavier, learn to perfect your technique at different weight levels and you will plateau as your body will be used to lifting a certain weight.

Progression is integral to seeing results and is a core driver behind Fitstop’s methodology.

How the Fitstop Challenge supports progression

Feeling overwhelmed with not knowing how much you should be progressing by, or how to make the most of each session? The Fitstop Challenge has been curated with the support of the Fitstop App and InBody scans to provide a data-driven approach to tracking performance, and hence, PROGRESSION. 

The Challenge features a 6 week periodisation training program that seamlessly integrates performance progression for members: 

  • Test Week
  • Build Week
  • Performance Week
  • Peak Week
  • Volume Week
  • Retesting Week

Across the 6 week period, your Fitstop sessions will support the progression of your overall strength and fitness - with particular focus on improving your 4 x main lifts including back squat, bench press, deadlift and push press, as well as your cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Using periodised and varying rep ranges and differing range of perceived exertion across each week will ensure you experience progression within the Fitstop Challenge.

In addition to this formula, here are the key ways the Fitstop Challenge can help you achieve progression: 

1. Track performance

We have curated a seamless onboarding process that ensures the entire Challenge pathway (goals, performance metrics, accountability) can be measured and analysed throughout the entirety of the Challenge and most importantly at the end. This will work towards progression as measurement equals results. 

2. Avoid plateaus in training AND motivation 

We recognise that it’s one thing to say it’s important to always strive for progression, however, finding the motivation to do this can be tough. The Fitstop Challenge incorporates result tracking and a tested training structure for progression, whilst the support from your trainers and community keep you accountable and incredibly motivated. 

The time frame the Fitstop Challenge being 6 weeks is also realistic to maintain both motivation and commitment, whilst also experiencing sustainable results. 

3. A formula to create sustainable, real results 

Fitstop invests significantly in producing world class sessions, trainer knowledge, benchmark metrics and nutrition advice. The 6 week timeframe is truly achievable (unlike many 4 or 12 week challenges out there); this ensures there’s not sudden progression and injury, whilst also being realistic to stay committed and disciplined.

Progression has the philosophy of improving when performance has been attained successfully at a previous level; at Fitstop, we want this to be YOUR REALITY.  

4. More in tune with your body 

As there’s a lot of time spent on tracking your progress, you will become increasingly aware of how your body performs and feels in circumstances. You may have lifted a heavier deadlift in the afternoon after a nutritious day of eating, or perhaps you run faster in the morning only if you have had a full night of rest. 

Being able to reflect on your performance, progression and understand your capabilities is a huge advantage of the Fitstop Challenge.

What’s stopping you? Elevate your performance and take your training to the next level with the next Fitstop Challenge.