Elevating a Performance Environment: Fitstop’s GAME DAY!

Elevating a Performance Environment: Fitstop’s GAME DAY!

Game Day. Two words that ring of excitement, celebration and achievement for the entire Fitstop community. What is Game Day? Happening 4 x a year, it culminates the last day of our 12-week programming block, where members are see their consistent work come to life to test their progression.

To a Fitstopper, Game Day is that opportunity to push themselves, test their progression and get that true team sport comrade feeling that so many of our Fitstoppers know and love. But, most of all, it’s a day about performance and community - two of Fitstop’s most essential pillars.

To a business owner, Game Day is your new opportunity to strengthen the community like never before. You have a guaranteed 4 x a year where your members have extra purpose and meaning in their training. This is paired with creating an exciting and encouraging environment and having celebrations that show members that your community is where they belong.

Whilst there has been so much hype behind Game Day, we want to dive deeper into the true strategy of Game Day and show you why it’s so important.

Top 5 Reasons Game Day Is Here To Strengthen Member Experience and Business Success

1. Elevated purpose in training

If you need a refresher about Fitstop’s product, you can read our blog post here. As a recap, part of Fitstop’s product release was our 12-week programming block that is now supported by in-App performance benchmarking, nutritionist-approved meals and accountability tools with all sessions eventually leading to a form of testing - where in particular, Fitstoppers can log their Game Day results.

Fitstoppers are told to give it their all throughout the 6-weeks and are provided with the tools to achieve progression. This gives Fitstoppers something to look forward to 4 x a year and consistently spices up their training, but it also enhances engagement, retention, and overall experience as we all know adding goals and structure to your training promotes these positive outcomes.

2. Organic hype and traction

We’ve always said that Fitstop’s Open Days are our favourite, and whilst this is still true, Game Day is coming in a close second. Why? Because all of the excitement for and social benefits of Open Day can be replicated by Game Day when done right.

Over our most recent Game Day, our entire Fitstop community experienced an average follower growth of 4% on Instagram with user-generated content being a huge contributor. This means that members are proud to promote Fitstop, they’re proud of their training efforts and they feel part of something bigger and want this to be known.

Our goal for our business owners is for Game Day to mimic the same selling points of Open Day

  • Celebrate your community
  • Create excitement
  • Have people talk about it to other Fitstoppers, family and friends

It’s simple, and it’s full of opportunity!

Photo of smiling Fitstop members

3. It’s part of the yearly flow

As much as we love one-off events and can see their traction, having Game Day consistently 4 times a year means you can plan your members’ journey accordingly. Of course, Game Day is about celebrating your current members and recognising their progression in training; on a business level, it’s also about how you strategise your business plan.

Our operational flow ensures strong campaigns lead into the Unstoppable Series and Game Day so new members get a taste of the incredible community, training and hype that Fitstop’s known for; ultimately, it’s the pinnacle of a Fitstop experience that leaves them wanting more!

4. Strengthen relationships in your community

Fitstop allows the opportunity to make a genuine social impact in your community, and this extends to the wider community too.

Game Day provides a huge opportunity to collaborate with local businesses such as providing your members with free coffee or a post-session refreshment. Connecting with local businesses in this way means you can both leverage each others reputation and audience reach.

‍Our communities are critical and our relationships with those impressionable within our communities are just as important.

5. Strengthen Fitstop as the Home of Functional Fitness

Game Day is really what Fitstop is all about. We’re for the everyday athlete - those who want to take the next step in their training or are used to playing team sport and want that same connection and active lifestyle.

We’re standing out by providing athlete-inspired training and Game Day is that final message that is going loud and proud in the market, showing everyone who we are and how we can change their lives.

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