Introducing The New Fitstop Formula

Introducing The New Fitstop Formula

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to deliver a truly life-changing experience to our Fitstop members. This came about from really taking a step back and thinking about what makes our strong community of Fitstoppers stand out from the crowd. In doing so, we realised a few crucial points: our members are everyday athletes. They show up, work hard, enjoy the competition within their community but are also willing to share a helping hand to fellow members. They champion Fitstop because of their ability to continually achieve more, push their limits and to experience true performance-based training. 

So, the solution was simple - at Fitstop, we’re the home of functional fitness. We created a game-changing Fitstop formula to really reinforce this position - a fitness fusion, where we LIFT, PERFORM, CONDITION and SWEAT. 

We’re proud to have delivered an exciting new way of training. This is set to improve our member’s experience, focus on intention and purpose in training to enhance performance and progression, and of course, work towards increasing retention and overall member value to promote success for our business owners. 

We can’t wait for this new wave of athlete-inspired training to make a genuine impact in the lives of our members and business owners alike. Take a look into the brand new Fitstop Formula! 



Our LIFT sessions are programmed using elements of progressive overload and functional strength. The format includes compound lifts, isolation exercises, stability and mobility to promote an improved quality of movement and overall muscle development, promoting our members to feel stronger, look leaner and move better.  


PERFORM is programmed to take our members’ athletic performance to the next level. Through the inclusion of compound lifts, explosive movements, fast intervals and full body burners, this will increase both anaerobic and aerobic capacity. Members can expect to work with intensity, push their limits and unleash their inner athlete.


At Fitstop, CONDITION sessions are programmed to put our member’s cardiovascular and muscular endurance to the ultimate test. Our members can expect a variety of full body conditioning, high intensity exercises that will keep their heart rate high for an extended period of time and push their limits both mentally and physically!


At Fitstop, we work for the weekend. Saturday SWEAT is a time for members to rally up their teammates and put their performance to the test. Working towards a target, sharing their results and starting their weekend training hard with fellow Fitstoppers - this is a new opportunity to make this session the most anticipated, hardest (and most rewarding!) session each week. 


As a part of this exciting product launch, we’re providing the opportunity for members to really level up their performance and have intention when training with our completely inclusive, 6 week UNSTOPPABLE series. 

Our members can choose between two programs - ULTIMATE or LIFESTYLE, which require different levels of discipline and commitment, however, both follow a process in the lead up to our huge, quarterly community event -  GAME DAY - on the final Saturday! 

We saw an opportunity to create the UNSTOPPABLE SERIES as it represents everything Fitstop is about - performance, progression and community. We want our members to feel included in everything, have something to continually strive towards and to be accountable. With every single Fitstopper getting on board, we can’t wait for our community engagement, retention and morale to be taken to the next level! 


We can’t wait for our members to fully immerse themselves in the new Fitstop Formula and for the excitement it brings to our trainers and business owners. We're absolutely committed to ensuring we have the best product for our members, that we're aligned with consumer demands and drive growth for our business owners. With the new Fitstop Formula, we’re excited to deliver on each of these promises and we can't wait for the further advancements we bring to your world in 2022! 


At Fitstop, we’re the home of functional fitness. To come on this journey with us, download your info pack today at