The Ultimate Guide to Help You Build a Healthier Lifestyle

The Ultimate Guide to Help You Build a Healthier Lifestyle

If your main goal is to improve your lifestyle and focus on the brilliant basics, then building better habits and forming a routine you can stick to need to be at the forefront of your mind. In this blog we will provide some tips and tricks to help you take the steps towards a healthier version of you


Habit creation is an incredibly powerful tool for transforming your behaviours and achieving long-term lifestyle goals. Step one is to identify your goals, step two is to break down your goals into more manageable actions. The most important step is always step three - EXECUTION.

Repeating a behaviour over time helps solidify a new habit, so it’s important to stay consistent and have patience throughout your journey. Some things that can help you stay consistent are:

  1. Only focusing on ONE new habit at a time.

  2. Stacking your new habit with an already existing one (e.g. If you always have a morning coffee, add drinking 1L of water before you have your coffee to instil the new habit)

  3. Ensure you celebrate the wins along the way - each week you stick to your habit is an opportunity to celebrate!


Consistency is key. We have heard it all before, but why is it so important?

When starting your journey towards a goal, it is quite common to put your entire focus on it. While this added intensity and ‘all in’ mindset can create short-term bursts of progress, it can also lead to burnout or demotivation if sustained over a prolonged period. At Fitstop, we believe in teaching long-term, sustainable habits so that you can stay healthy for life. That’s why consistency is important, as it focuses on the regular and sustainable execution of a habit. Initially, it will require some discipline, however over-time the new habits will be ingrained in your routine, supporting significant progress and sustainable long-term results.


Improving your lifestyle will take time, commitment and dedication. By focusing on small, sustainable changes and consistently implementing them, you can create a ripple effect of positive actions that lead to significant improvements in your lifestyle, well-being and overall health.