Top 5 Reasons Why Now Is the Best Time to Own a Fitstop

Top 5 Reasons Why Now Is the Best Time to Own a Fitstop

You may be looking at your next career move, investment opportunity or sitting at your desk wondering how you can live out your true passion (and be financial rewarded doing so). We’ve all been there, the thought is exciting! But understanding and, well, deciding, what move is yours to make is the tricky part. 

Now, you’ve stumbled across this article about Fitstop, so something tells us you’re familiar with group fitness and you’d like to know more about what we do, how we’re different. Group fitness and the O.G HIIT training  has been around for a little while now, and the cookie cutter approach is no longer what’s most successful. 

It’s no longer enough to leverage what was a group fitness phenomenon, instead, it’s about creating and leveraging a product that leaves members wanting more… For Fitstop, it’s about leveraging the phenomenon that is our uniquely performance-based training, making Fitstop the home of functional fitness, globally. Members want more, and Fitstop is giving more, here’s how: 

5 reasons why NOW is the best time to invest in Fitstop franchising! 

We’re backed by strong systems and processes

Our priority has always been to invest early in the right systems, processes and people to effectively ensure that if we’re at location 5, 90 or 200, the experience and magic we call the Fitstop difference is the same. This means everything is about scalability and long-term success, ensuring we have a deep understanding of each locations performance (as do our business owners), so we have the confidence that the Fitstop difference can be taken and succeed anywhere. 

A few highlights include: 

  • Business owner dashboard (hosting member movements, pause + cancellation rates, anniversaries, revenue and more!) 
  • Custom built Fitstop App allowing us to positively influence every facet of a member's journey, speaking to them based on their actions and stage in the Fitstop journey, whilst recirculating valuable data to business owners
  • Strong operational rhythm for business owner support (monthly tactical meetings, …. 
  • Global educational hub for you and your team 
  • Performance benchmarking 
  • Strong campaign flow 
  • + more

Global traction in functional fitness (and Fitstop) 

So, we’ve gone global. Last year we announced our expansion to our now high growth country New Zealand. More recently, we announced that Fitstop will be landing in the U.S in early 2023! Why? Functional fitness, and specifically Fitstop’s athlete-inspired training, appeals to global consumers who enjoy pushing themselves, progressing and getting more out of their lives! 

We’re full steam ahead with making the Fitstop difference known not as an Australian business, but instead, we’re customising to local markets and making it all about our members. Through our systems, processes, extensive resources and market resources, we’re bottling the Fitstop difference. Most recently, we opened Fitstop Cairns which not only was a network wide opening record, but it was in a place entirely unknown to Fitstop and also the business owners who moved a 3 hour plane flight away to live out their business ownership dreams. 

Changing consumer behaviours

We’ve seen gym participation continue to rise; wellbeing is so much more than just fitness with the pandemic changing the the why behind exercising. It’s about connection, support, motivation and feeling a sense of belonging. Particular attention can be drawn to millennials as 81% are now exercising; they’re moving more, eating smart and overall keeping healthier habits than previous generations (Nielan Survey, 2021). 

Really, the biggest opportunity Fitstop sees is people wanting more meaningful connections and outcomes from gym memberships; it’s about the experience and benefits to mental health. We know there’s a huge demand for fitness and wellbeing, and that’s why the coupling of our in-location experience and our custom-built App, we’re making sure we’re always offering a one-stop-shop for all fitness, wellbeing and exercise! 

Strong product to market fit 

We’re very confident in who we are and who we service. We’re about performance, progression and community. We attract what we like to call everyday athletes. These are members who've grown up playing sport and crave a competitive yet equally supportive team environment, or those looking to take that next step in their training and performance. 

Typically, we’re not where someone starts their fitness journey but instead, someone ready to take the next step of their journey. 

More than group fitness; we’re functional fitness

So, we’re more than a gym or group fitness business; we’re an experience, a feeling and the second home for our Fitstoppers - we’re the home of functional fitness. But what does this mean? 


We’re our Fitstoppers’ second home. Our Fitstoppers trust us to support their journey, they feel comfortable to give it their all and our communities make them feel a part of something bigger.  



At Fitstop, we move more to live life more. We help our Fitstoppers progress in every session so they have the confidence to enhance their fitness outside of Fitstop, too. 


Whether competing in marathons, getting outdoors or wanting to explore on holidays, our performance-based training takes them to where they need to go. 

Ready to make your next move? 

As a high-growth business making our name in new markets, now is the best opportunity to ride this growth wave with us! If you’d like to find out more information about who we are, our growth strategy and how you can be part of our vision, make sure you download our free Information Pack at and follow Fitstop Fitness on LinkedIn.