What is Athlete-Inspired Training?

What is Athlete-Inspired Training?

Let’s start from the top. What do we mean by everyday athletes, athlete-inspired training, or performance-based? Simple. All Fitstoppers are everyday athletes. The training you do is above the ordinary. It will get you places you need to go, and you’ll always progress as it’s part of Fitstop’s roots. So, let’s take a look…

Fitstop was launched in 2017 by our Founder and CEO, Pete Hull, and was built on the foundations of athlete-inspired training and wanting to give communities access to that high-level sporting feeling.

Pete quickly realised that having the opportunity to push yourself to the limits, progress your performance and look forward to reaching new heights shouldn’t just be reserved for elite athletes. Fitstop had attracted highly-driven, competitive and go-getter everyday athletes who thrived on this style of training too - and so, the Fitstop difference was born.

Right, we got that straight - so let’s take a deep dive into the top 5 reasons why Fitstop offers athlete-inspired training!

1. The (iconic) Fitstop formula

The Fitstop formula is a fitness fusion combining strength, metabolic conditioning and endurance training. We say fitness fusion, as every Fitstop session has an integrated approach of these three core training principles, ensuring you have a genuinely well-rounded fitness level and excel in all areas.

Strength = the use of weights to focus on progressive overload and functional strength.

Metabolic Conditioning = Moderate to high-intensity sessions involving compound lifts and explosive movements aimed to build up a sweat and heart rate.

Endurance = Maintaining a high work rate without feeling too fatigued by testing cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Simple yet effective, and fundamental for athletic performance.

2. There’s always room to progress

‍You know when you reach your peak and suddenly, each workout you do feels the same? Hmm yeah, we don’t know that either at Fitstop!

There's always room for progression, whether you’re in our Lift, Perform, Condition or Sweat session. This could include lifting slightly heavier in each Lift session, completing more rounds in Condition sessions, keeping a consistent pace in Perform sessions or hitting greater team targets in Sweat. The list goes on but we won’t, we’re sure you get it! Basically, when you’re a Fitstopper, gone are the days of being able to rock up to a session and cruising through with no clear goal!

It may be your first week with us at Fitstop or you may have been with us for over 2 years - no matter how long, you’ll always be able to progress and never plateau.

FUN FACT: You can track your training over the months and years with our Unstoppable Series. But the best part is that your performance tracking is going to level up sooner than you think - watch this space!

3. Unstoppable Series + Game Day

‍For those who’re new here, the Unstoppable Series is our completely inclusive programming series that focuses on accountability, discipline and performance and working towards a core goal.

This Series takes our Athlete-Inspired training to that next level. It provides 4 opportunities a year to benchmark performance, have extra intention in your training and push hard to make yourself fitter and stronger each time.

This all wraps up with our famous Game Day - the day we all train for. This is where you put your fitness to the ultimate test in a competitive-based session - whether that’s through playing or competing on the day. There’s no greater day to demonstrate that at Fitstop, we mean business and our community of everyday athletes means business, too. If you’ve been to Game Day, you’ll know that it’s a pretty special feeling to be competitive and reignite that pre-sporting game or competition-like feeling.

4. Team-based, target-based

We’re so proud to be all about performance and that Fitstop feeling. We’re never about looking a certain way, but we’re all about wanting to be stronger, happier and achieve tangible results.

‍Our team-based, target-based training throughout our sessions allows you to benchmark your weekly performance. It’s something that you can always push further and always have a record to break.

This type of training gets the best results - it’s all about what you can do and what you can achieve, and Fitstop is here to help every step.

‍5. Encourage a well-rounded approach to fitness

Being a Fitstopper is truly a lifestyle. We train week in and week out, but we also encourage you to run, swim, be adventurous outdoors, recover and stretch (hello Sunday Flexible in-App), and workout from home or when travelling - all on your terms!

Basically, if you can complete at least 3 Fitstop sessions per week and integrate other forms of less intense fitness, you’re well on your way to success.

‍We LOVE seeing all that our Fitstoppers get up to - we’re always so overwhelmed by the amount of people running, competing in races like triathlons and so many cool things (this is what it’s all about!), so make sure you tag @fitstopfitness on Instagram to show us what you get up to!

Unleash your inner athlete with Fitstop!

Like everyday athletes, Fitstop is always looking to improve. We’re so excited for the epic sessions and product releases coming very, very soon!