What It Means to Be Part of a Winning Team

What It Means to Be Part of a Winning Team

When we talk about Fitstop franchising, we often mention the support we give you as business owners. This support comes in many forms - resources to up skill, on-the-ground HQ support, campaign toolkits, technology-driven systems to support management and growth and an operational rhythm with monthly, quarterly and annual meetings. So it’s not a surprise that we thrive off of our in-person events, and our favourite has to be our Fitstop conferences!

At the end of 2021, we had  2 incredibly engaging and inspiring days where we went above and beyond to make a memorable, knowledge-filled experience! We had incredible guest presenters, an epic strategy release and empowered our team to make a huge impact in 2022. Yet,  without a doubt, our highlight was seeing our incredible network come together, excited for all Fitstop has to offer and proud to be part of our journey! 

Sneak Peek Into Our Winning Team

Rounding out on a fantastic couple of days, we couldn’t wait for the highly anticipated Fitstop Awards! With a lot of growth in our network from the last time we had the Fitstop Awards, these awards were extra special as each recipient celebrated with the backing of our growing Fitstop family! 

We’re all moved by our incredible award recipients and their stories - we hope you’re too! 

Fitstop Awards 2021! 

Dave could not be more deserving of our most awaited award! When we define the meaning of a true Fitstopper, it embodies everything that Dave stands for - someone who’s incredibly passionate, driven, inspires their community day in and out, follows our systems and processes to a tee and most of all, absolutely loves what they do. These characteristics shine through every element of Fitstop Salisbury, and it’s truly inspiring to see. 

“THANK YOU for everything you guys have done for me. I (as well as other owners) are constantly in awe at the work and brilliant ideas you come up with to make our lives as franchisees better. 

Fitstop has changed my life and made me a much better person! It’s crazy to think about how good life is with Fitstop as my second family - I have the best life, and it feels like I haven’t worked a day since I opened Fitstop Salisbury”. 


Rob and Davina, proud owners of the infamous Fitstop Nundah (ranked in the Top 10 Brisbane Gyms), have created an amazing community of 390 members (we know, it’s incredible!). 

Their reputation and success speak to the fact that they’ve forever changed their members’ lives and the wider Nundah community whilst also creating a business that has changed their own lives. As co-owners of Fitstop Aspley, we can’t wait to see the further growth and success they achieve with Fitstop! 


After moving to the Gold Coast to open their very own Fitstop location and secure their dream lifestyle by the beach, they have just passed over 300 members in their community one year later! They’re also one of our highest performing locations, and we’re just so happy to have them with us!


Representing a very special and impactful community as they went above and beyond for their members throughout the Melbourne lockdowns, they’ve not slowed down since reopening! They're the proof that when showing up for people throughout the more challenging times, they’ll support you no matter what. 


The Slacks Creek team always prioritises uplifting their space to create a member experience like no other by reinvesting in their business. With their growth and attitude to put their community first, this reinvestment speaks for itself. 


Riley has held his own as the passionate trainer part of the first Fitstop in WA. Riley’s passion for Fitstop has given WA a true taste of what they can expect from Fitstop and has made a genuine impact on his community by showing up and doing what he loves every day. 

There’s nothing more motivating than our Fitstop family; a network of people going above and beyond for themselves and Fitstop. We know that our 2021 Award Recipients has made the entire network hungry to chase these same goals and achievements! 

The best part is that these results, fulfilment and dream lifestyles our business owners have created could be yours too - it’s all part and parcel of being in a winning team! 

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