What Made Fitstop Proud in FY22

What Made Fitstop Proud in FY22

We’re not going to lie - we had some massive goals we wanted to kick in FY22. Of course, we had the big picture goals in each area of our business: from goals in head office, welcoming more Fitstop communities to increasing the number of lives we were impacting. We certainly met these goals, but we’ve also taken a step back to look at the huge, special and game-changing things we’ve done that can often be overlooked when it comes to EOFY wrap-ups. 

Insight into what was Fitstop’s biggest year yet! 

New Fitstop Formula - by Fitstoppers, for Fitstoppers


At the start of FY22, we dug deep and went back to our roots. Without a doubt, our technological advancements, community and growth is beyond what we could imagine when we were just one location strong in Morningside. But, there’s absolutely something to learn from what made Fitstop, Fitstop. What we realised is that our roots were in providing athlete-inspired training to communities of people who wanted that extra push in their training, they wanted to be challenged and they just couldn’t find this feeling anywhere else.  

By the start of 2022, we launched the new Fitstop Formula, which included a fitness fusion of strength, metabolic conditioning and endurance where we  Lift, Perform, Condition and Sweat (our sessions!). This relaunch was so much more than changing our formula and our session names, it also resulted in our newfound position as the home of functional fitness, attracting communities of everyday athletes (our Fitstoppers). 

Unstoppable Series - making progression, accountability and discipline inclusive 

A huge component of our goals is making sure that Fitstop is truly the home of functional fitness. To us, we’re a ‘home’ because our Fitstoppers feel comfortable, safe and supported so that they are empowered to push their limits. Every community hosts a completely inclusive environment so that our Fitstoppers feel like they belong and that Fitstop is their second home. Well, a huge part of reinforcing this was introducing our 6-week Unstoppable Series that is completely inclusive to all Fitstop memberships. 

We noticed something about the fitness industry and group fitness in particular - we can’t completely thrive as a community-centred business whilst offering something that created a divide between members participating vs members who weren’t. Yet without a doubt, our Fitstoppers who did our previous challenges were obsessed. So, we decided we could bottle this magic up and make it something our entire Fitstop community could experience as part of their membership. With the choice to complete our more flexible Lifestyle program or disciplined Ultimate program, we’ve ensured a tailored experience for members that is supported by a seamless App experience. The results of this so far? Our Fitstop communities go through the 6 weeks completely together, they push themselves, practice accountability and now this is an added value to their membership. 

Focus on member lifecycle

So, we launched our new Fitstop formula designed by Fitstoppers, for Fitstoppers. The next part of this launch was ensuring we could continue to attract Fitstoppers into our communities and most importantly, retain them. 

We created two new offers, one short-term and one long-term, that allowed these trialling members to get the full Fitstop experience in a way that best suited them. Part of this strategy was about addressing that not every member is the same and values the same things - so we needed different offers or ‘hooks’ into Fitstop that spoke to those differences. We’ve seen huge success not only from an increase in revenue opportunities from these paid campaign trials but also retaining over 70% of trialling members in certain campaigns. More than this, we’ve created a genuine difference in so many more lives. 

We welcomed new team members

We’ll start by saying we’ve grown our HQ team by 30% and we’re just getting started (we’re serious!). FY22 was all about getting the right people, in the right room at the right time and making some serious impact. In doing so, we found incredible opportunities for new HQ roles. Recent highlights include welcoming Zoe Gorbunow, our Head Of Marketing, Jacob Grant as our Head Of Finance and Brendan Hurrell as our General Manager in New Zealand. 

Growing our HQ team is absolutely vital for our success by bringing passionate, experienced individuals into our high-performance team so we can’t wait for all of the huge plans we have next. 

We’re a championship-winning team, not a team of champions; if we’re winning together, then our entire network is winning too!

We welcomed 38 new Fitstop communities

It’s easy to go through the day-to-day, even month to month without taking a step back and realising what our team has achieved. In a time when the world was closing, Fitstop was adapting, opening and growing!

This last financial year, we welcomed 38 Fitstop communities, bringing us to a total of 84 to wrap up FY22 - excitingly, we’ve grown to have more than double these locations set to open. A massive highlight is that these communities opened in areas far and wide; in New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland, Tasmania and internationally in New Zealand. 

Launched Fitstop Academy!

The final piece of the (constantly adapting + improving) puzzle - we launched Fitstop Academy which is our source of truth for all things Fitstop, so much so that it really is so much more than e-learning. The Fitstop Academy is how we scale. It provides resources, updates and learning opportunities for literally everyone in our network - we’re talking HQ members, new business owners yet to open, Managers, to helping casual trainers feel confident in the sales process. 

We’ve found that what got us here won’t get us there, and education and empowering everyone in our network with knowledge is how we collectively progress our performance. 

So, why are we sharing this? 

When you’re looking to invest in your future business, it’s important to highlight not just who we are and what we stand for, but also what we’ve done to get here and will continue to do. 

So, if you haven’t already, make sure you’ve downloaded your free Information Pack, and follow Fitstop on LinkedIn to keep updated on all elements of our business!