What Makes Our Fitstoppers of the Year Successful

What Makes Our Fitstoppers of the Year Successful

It’s no secret that it’s our Fitstop communities, and the teams behind them, that make Fitstop who we are today. They bring our product to life, they create communities of raving fans, they live and breathe our brand.

Well, it makes sense that our Fitstoppers of the year started off as raving fans themselves. Simon and Lauren, owners of Fitstop Stafford and Fitstop Everton Park started their Fitstop journey as members and it’s changed their lives. Since falling in love with Fitstop, taking the leap to open Fitstop Stafford and then less than 12 months later, opening their second location in Everton Park and taking out Fitstoppers of the year - their story is one of pure passion, determination, living through processes and trusting the expansion of our brand. 

“We feel so proud to have a business that facilitates people to form long lasting friendships whilst improving their health. So given the passion we have for the business we simply enjoy what we do and members often tell us this energy is what brings them to our communities.” 

Today, we’re sharing Lauren and Simon’s story and what being Fitstoppers of the Year means to them and their communities. We hope you feel inspired to make your next move, whatever that may be. 

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