Why Families are Investing in their Own Fitstop Locations

Why Families are Investing in their Own Fitstop Locations

We’re fortunate to be in an industry and run a business where we see the impact we have on people’s lives daily. There’s lot’s of these moments daily; seeing your members feel comfortable, hit a new PB, making new friends and consistently showing up for themselves, bringing their friends and family together as well. 

Well, it’s our owners like Cassie who celebrate each and every win of their Fitstoppers, and that’s what makes us proud at Fitstop HQ - we can see that Fitstop is changing our business owner’s lives, too. 

We were fortunate enough to talk to Cassie, proud owner of Fitstop Chermside, Albany Creek and Boondall, about all things Fitstop. 

You can also enjoy a recap of the conversation below!

How did you come across Fitstop? 

Health and fitness has always been a massive part of our life. So we were having a little look around at some franchises and came across Fitstop and saw that at the time, it was a locally owned brand. The one thing that we loved immediately was [Fitstop’s owners] Bec and Pete; from our first meeting in office we had a really good connection with them. We knew this was a business built on passion. 

Why did you choose Fitstop?

Like so many, we fell in love with the brand first, but then fell in love with the training. It’s an extremely well-rounded program. The Unstoppable Series program that we run is so different to most other gyms that you find who encourage yo-yo dieting. Whereas at Fitstop, we offer a performance based challenge (called the Series) and that, alongside their overall training philosophy really, really connected with us.  

How does Fitstop support your family? 

Balancing between being a Mum and multi-site business owner is definitely challenging, but I think balancing between mum and anything is is always a challenge.

Having a big support network is really important and that starts obviously with our family and friends. We have a beautiful, really close knit support network here and then now that we're well and truly ingrained in our communities in the gym, they help with our kids too which is incredible. 

What has inspired you the most about owning your Fitstop locations? 

I definitely think it's important raising my raising my girls in in a Fitstop environment.

They're going to grow up confident and strong and are based off how they feel. We always talk about moving our bodies. They know Mum and Dad need to go train and everyone comes to the gym to feel better. We move to feel better.

This is so valuable for our girls to understand that moving is so important, to move your body for your mind as well. Watching [our eldest daughter] Charlie from when we first opened, she was a really shy, reserved girl, which you probably wouldn't get from her today. She recently had her fifth birthday the other day and she wanted to come into the gym to do her birthday burpees with everyone. At the end of the class we all turned up the music and started singing Happy Birthday to do birthday burpees with Charlie as she was clapping and jumping around and that, there, is a reward in itself.

Feeling inspired, too? 

We’re so proud of owners like Cassie who has the opportunity to make a positive impact in people’s lives with Fitstop, including her own family’s. 

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