Why Fitstop is More Than a Gym

Why Fitstop is More Than a Gym

So, you’ve stumbled upon Fitstop. Hello! Welcome! We’re happy you found us.

Now, the chances are that you’re reading this blog because you aren’t exactly sure what Fitstop is or who we are, or maybe you just need a little bit more convincing about why Fitstop is right for you. We’ll start off by saying Fitstop is not just a gym, and it isn’t the right fit for everyone - I mean, nothing can be! Instead, we’re for people who like a bit of healthy competition and enjoy pushing their limits… we’re not just a place where you rock up just to tick ‘workout’ off the list.

Fitstop is more than just a gym because we’re a place that values your performance, progression and creating a competitive and equally supportive community to ensure the time you spend at Fitstop is hands down the best part of your day - something you can’t find in just any regular gym. But there’s more to it - let’s step out exactly why we aren’t like a regular gym you’ve been a part of.

1. We’re clear on our goal so you can be clear on yours

We all want to train for different reasons, but at Fitstop, we’re all working together in our global community completing the same sessions through our Fitstop Formula.

Our goal is to ensure that we create healthier, happier humans, and we do this through our Fitstop Formula. This is a true fitness fusion of strength, metabolic conditioning and endurance training that is in our Lift, Perform, Condition and Sweat sessions. Basically, because of this formula everything is done for you so all you need to do is have a goal in mind and be ready to give it your all.

2. Athlete-inspired training

We offer athlete-inspired training that is unlike any gym (or group fitness class) around! We leave it to the experts to create the Fitstop formula that is genuinely athlete-inspired and curated by a passionate team working on the formula daily! I mean, training athletes is in Fitstop’s roots - it’s where we began - and it has continued to grow and reach more everyday athletes like yourself since.

Through years of research, experience and now a global support team, we’ve designed our training to maximise your performance, progression and results. Better yet, it’s designed by Fitstoppers, for Fitstoppers. You get to take the guesswork and pressure out of going to the gym and focus on unleashing your inner-athlete!

3. Personalised training in a group setting

Our strong focus on performance-based training means we attract passionate and industry-leading trainers supporting you through your entire Fitstop journey! This means you’ll get a personalised service where trainers understand your prior experience, fitness levels and goals and will provide direction and tips in every session considering this.

4. Community

Every gym has a community, right? Some are better than others, that’s for sure. But at Fitstop, our community is like no other because it is central in everything we do. Athlete-inspired training doesn’t exist without a community cheering you on or competitively pushing your limits. Things like our famous Game Day events are only successful because our community is loud, proud and turns up.

Hint: to get a real insight into what makes our communities so special, make sure you follow @fitstopfitness on socials and your local Fitstop via fitstop_(yourlocation).

5. Experience is number one

So, we’re not just a gym, and we’re not just your regular group fitness class. With our custom-built App, your experience at Fitstop is number one and always improving! The Fitstop App means you can control your entire experience in the palm of your hands - from booking sessions and keeping accountable, navigating our 6-week Unstoppable Series program, or completing online Daily Sweat sessions.

With the Fitstop App, engaging Fitstop sessions, supportive trainers and our thriving communities, get ready to be more accountable, dedicated and passionate about fitness than you’ve ever been before. We call this the Fitstop difference, and really, it’s why we’re not just a regular gym.

Make sure you download our App to book in a session now!