What is Fitstop?

We are the home of Functional Fitness.


We’re our Fitstoppers’ second home. You trust us to support your journey, feel comfortable giving it your all and our communities make you feel part of something bigger.


At Fitstop, we move more to live more. We help our Fitstoppers progress in every session, so you have the confidence to enhance your fitness and lifestyle outside of Fitstop, too.

The Fitstop Formula

A fitness fusion of strength, metabolic conditioning and endurance, where we Lift, Perform, Condition and Sweat. Evidenced-based and results-driven, get ready to progress your performance like never before.

The Fitstop App

Control your entire Fitstop journey in the palm of your hands.

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  • Record your performance metrics

  • Get delicious recipes

  • Build your streak (3x Fitstop sessions a week)

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Move More to Live More

We progress your performance and build your confidence in Fitstop so you can live life to the max outside of Fitstop, too. Whether competing in marathons, getting outdoors or wanting to explore on holidays, we'll take you where you need to go.

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