Fitstop On Us Terms & Conditions

  1. Fitstop Australia PTY LTD, ABN 64 167 897 387, (“the Promoter”) is conducting the promotion in each Fitstop Open Location in QUEENSLAND, NEW SOUTH WALES, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, TASMANIA, VICTORIA, Fitstop New Zealand Pty Ltd (NZ Company No. 8208137) and Fitstop USA, Inc. a Delaware corporation, from 11.59pm on 26 September 2023 AEST until 11.59pm on 14 October 2023 AEST ("Promotional Period").
  2. The promotion is available to individuals who download the app during the Promotional Period and are currently not a Fitstop member. The offer is also available for previous members who have cancelled. 
  3. The promotion offers the following session pack option at any Location:
  4. a. Five (5) sessions for FREE
  5. b. The pack is valid for use only between October 2nd to October 14 2023 at open locations only.
  6. Fitstop will automatically assign a free five pack to any lead who downloads the app during the promotional period.
  7. The pack will become live for leads to book their sessions from 11.59 pm September 26th to Ocober 14 2023.
  8. The pack is available for non-current members only, and is limited to one pack per person
  9. The pack will become live to redeem sessions from October 2nd to October 14th, 2023
  10. Resale of the pack or use for unauthorised advertising, marketing, sweepstakes or other promotional or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Packs may be combined with other offers. Your right to use the Pack is limited, subject to the terms and conditions of Fitstop. Fitstop is responsible for all pricing, typographical or other errors and reserves the right to cancel any orders resulting from such errors. The credit for the packs cannot be used as one and Fitstop reserves the right to limit the number of Packs an individual may purchase or redeem.
  11. Should a member decide to purchase any Fitstop membership during the promotion, and prior to completing all 5 sessions, but then cancel that membership they automatically forfeit all remaining session packs for the remaining duration of that promotion.
  12. The member will be required to complete a waiver prior to their first training session at Fitstop.
  13. The standard Membership Terms and Conditions for all Fitstop memberships which appear on the Fitstop website at
  14. By participating in this Promotion, (unless the participant has specified otherwise) each participants consents to the personal information they submit being used for the primary purposes of: administering this Promotion, passing on information to related entities and to enter into a database for future promotional, marketing and publicity activities of the Promoter or its related entities. An entrant may request access to his or her personal information held by contacting Fitstop Australia via