30 DAYS FOR $149 

  1. This Promotion is available to new members only who sign up as a Fitstop Recruit during the Promotional Period and is a standard Fitstop membership with a discounted rate for the first thirty (30) days. The Promotion is not available to current members.

  2. The Promotion offers the following membership pricing at any participating location during the Promotional Period:

    1. The first 30 days membership for $149 for all new members and previously cancelled members (current paying members are not eligible to participate in the Promotion).

    2. The new member understands and acknowledges that their discounted membership will automatically roll over to the standard membership pricing relevant to their location after the first thirty (30) days.

  3. The membership will become live from the day that the new member purchases the Promotion. The next billing date will be 30 days after the promotional purchase date and will be charged at the then-standard membership rate of their location.

  4. This membership promotion is non-refundable.

  5. The new member will not be able to transfer or pause their membership until the first 30 day period is completed.

  6. The new member can choose to cancel their membership before the end of their first 30 days, however the standard membership cancellation notice period of 30 days does apply. Therefore, if the member cancels 15 days into their first 30 days, they will still have to go through two payment cycles. The member is able to continue to access their Fitstop location during this period. 

  7. The Promotion only applies to new memberships and cannot be run or purchased in conjunction with any other offer or discount code, including corporate discounts.

  8. The new member will be required to complete the standard Fitstop waiver prior to their first training session at Fitstop. 

  9. The standard Membership Terms and Conditions for all Fitstop memberships which appear on the Fitstop website at https://www.fitstop.com/training-waiver apply to memberships purchased through this Promotion.

  10. By participating in this Promotion, (unless the participant has specified otherwise) each participant consents to the personal information they submit being used for the primary purposes of: administering this Promotion, passing on information to related entities and to be entered into a database for future promotional, marketing and publicity activities of the Promoter or its related entities. A participant may request access to their personal information by contacting Fitstop via marketing@fitstop.com and may opt-out of any marketing communications by unsubscribing using the unsubscribe link in any relevant marketing emails or messages.