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Are you ready to double down?

If you want to experience that Fitstop feeling, this is for you...

To double down is to continue to do something in a more determined way than before, and there’s no better way to do that than securing our intro offer of 2 weeks for $54. This is to see if Fitstop is right for you, to double down and complete a variety of sessions.

It’s to be determined for you, your strength, your goals, and your life. 

For 2 weeks, double down and just focus on you.

Double Down with 2 Weeks for $54

Are you ready to kickstart your fitness journey and smash your Fitstop sessions for 2 weeks? Look no further.

Make your training count with 2 weeks for $54. Learn about the life of a Fitstopper from education, how to maximise your time with us and of course, experience our performance-based Fitstop Formula - a fitness fusion incorporating strength, metabolic conditioning and endurance.

2 weeks at Fitstop.
One week on us.
Are you ready?