Building community through team-based training

Building community through team-based training

Community is a powerful force that drives us to connect, engage, and achieve more together. In the realm of fitness, community-driven workouts have become the holy grail, providing benefits that go far beyond improving physical health. After all, people are more likely to remain loyal to a training program and brand if they can share their experience with others.

Fitstop, with our genuine team-based training approach, has prioritised community like no other. From our community-based Game Day events, which are designed to build community through high performance, team-based Saturday Sweat sessions and a product that inspires human connection, community will never just be a buzzword. 

Our community has propelled our growth, such as being recognised as the second fastest growing company in Australia, and a recent report on Australia's Fitness and Retail Network showed that in the first quarter of this year alone, Fitstop welcomed three times more fitness communities than any other Australian fitness brand.

We’ve said it before, but Fitstop is more than just a gym, we’re a community. We’re positioned as leaders in the fitness industry with presence across four different countries, and here’s WHY.

The Power of Community in Fitstop

Studies have highlighted the positive impact of community in fitness settings. People who work out with friends tend to enjoy exercise more and are more likely to stick to their fitness routines. We’ve known this ever since Fitstop’s first location, prior to franchising, that organically built a loyal following stemming largely from our unique and intentionally designed training format.

Every Fitstop session is built around team-based training, encouraging members to collaborate, support, motivate and even coach one another. By consistently working in groups, sharing reps, and finishing every workout together, Fitstop creates an environment where individuals feel connected and engaged and never left behind throughout their fitness journey.

See our team training in action!

It pays to know your community

We all have a natural desire for human connection. So at Fitstop, we have an unwavering dedication to master the brilliant basics and the fundamental human need for connection and community. We pride ourselves on educating our business owners and trainers around how to nurture their communities from a local level, but also ensuring every single Fitstopper understands they are part of a global fitness community.

To us, nurturing a Fitstop community means knowing their goals. One way we can support every Fitstopper along their journey is via the Fitstop App, where members can select a goal for upcoming programming blocks.

A community bigger than ourselves

Community starts from connection, and that’s why we provide additional tools and support to our locations to create a lasting impact within their wider communities. A key example of this coming to life is ‘Sweat for a Cause’, a charity initiative that unites our Fitstoppers for good and gives back by supporting other communities of humans in need - where we've successfully contributed over $40,000 to charities across the globe.

Our franchising community

A huge part of the strength in our communities comes down to the passion our business owners give to their members and teams. We believe the best part of franchising is being surrounded by a community of business owners, who are aligned to support each other and ensure that as a network, we’re 1% better every day.

Fitstop offers an opportunity to be part of a thriving community-focused fitness brand that addresses the evolving needs of fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Download your free information pack to find out more.